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Ready for some football? Stop by for Taco Cabanas Group Meal Deals

Can you believe the big game is Sunday??? Will you be having friends or family over? Well, skip the mess in the kitchen and stop by Taco Cabana, for Football Fiesta Group Meal Deals instead... You see, Taco Cabana is offering its guests a score of deal to celebrate with its Group Meal Deals. Choose from four delicioso options: ·         Steak Fajitas for $22.99 ·         Chicken Fajitas for … [Read more...]

The three necessary steps to fight the flu #FightFlu

Did you know that the seasonal flu typically peaks between December and February and can last as late as May? I totally did not and it has officially landed in our house. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know it has been a rough week or so, but thankfully, it could have been worse. You see, since we have one little one with Asthma and my Father-in-law with pretty much no immune system we have taken the necessary steps to fight the … [Read more...]

$300 Target Gift Card Giveaway – ONLY 48 Hours to enter…

Anyone up to win a $300 Target Gift Card? What would you purchase? Me; I would totally do a clothing shopping spree! You know, Target is one of those stores where you can pretty much find anything. So, want to know how to enter? It is simple... CLICK HERE to follow the Instagram loop! Hope it goes well and hope YOU WIN! Love this post? Feel free to share via any share buttons or click Retweet below: Quick - you have 48 hours to go enter … [Read more...]

Learn how easy it is to combat dehydration #DrinkDripDrop

If you follow my blog than you know that Hubby is obsessed with sports. He not only watches them, he grew up playing pretty much every single one. Well, as he has aged, he has continued playing soccer. It is something that not only helps him unwind and de-stress, it helps him stay pretty healthy. He normally plays on an adult league every Friday evening and in a pickup game on Sunday mornings. This sounds great, right? Yes, it is, except for the … [Read more...]

Did you go to Family Happiness Hour at Joe’s Crab Shack

Do you ever have one of those days that just seems to drag? You run from here to there and just don't want to even think about firing up the stove? Well, I admit that those days happen more than I like to admit. HA! The thing is that on those days, I don't want to just go pick up something not-so-healthy, I just want to grab the family, sit down and enjoy a meal without breaking the bank. Well, this is where Joe's Crab Shack helped for a bit... … [Read more...]

$150.00 24 Hour PayPal Giveaway

This is an Instagram Loop Giveaway and is only 24 hours long! Here is how simple it is to enter - First off you must have an Instagram Account... then... CLICK HERE to begin Step one - Follow me adventuresof8 & ALL other bloggers in this loop (if you do not follow you are not entered and entries are always verified)Step two - Double tap to like this photo (also required to be entered) or just heart it if it is easier  Step three … [Read more...]

Simple ways to entertain like a pro – #BoursinCheese

So, if you follow my blog then you know that I love, love, love to entertain. Everyone laughs at me because I tend to go overboard and set out huge spreads for every event. Whether it is a Sunday family gathering, birthday, or holiday, you can be sure that you will not leave my house hungry. HA! Now, that all being said, I do like to look for simple ways to entertain like a pro. What I mean is items that I don't have to prep that can be paired … [Read more...]

Our new obsession -Chocolate & Peanut Butter REESE’S Spread

We have a new obsession. It is the new REESE'S Spread! Have you seen it? Have you tried it? Well, we received a jar from Influenster to try and  we are in love. I had Baby Miss open the box and when she saw it she was a bit happy. Then when I told her what it was she was SUPER-excited. I asked her what she wanted to put it on and she decided on a waffle. Nice, choice, right? Of course, she wanted to do it herself, putting the peanut butter and … [Read more...]

My fashion resolution for 2015 – follow along…

So, if you follow my Instagram account HERE - then you know I have a very fun New Years Fashion Resolution... it is to look great in the New Year. I have made a vow to never leave the house without makeup and to try to wear real clothing that I feel I look good in. So far I have been loving my winter fashion and I  would say MOST days I am pretty proud when I walk out the door... I am trying different makeup and skincare routines to see … [Read more...]

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