My fashion resolution for 2015 – follow along…

So, if you follow my Instagram account HERE – then you know I have a very fun New Years Fashion Resolution… it is to look great in the New Year. I have made a vow to never leave the house without makeup and to try to wear real clothing that I feel I look good in. So far I have been loving my winter fashion and I  would say MOST days I am pretty proud when I walk out the door…

Fashion Resolution 2014

I am trying different makeup and skincare routines to see what works and having a blast putting new outfits together. I will say that I have been stepping outside my comfort zone with my winter fashion. I am pairing colors and prints I would have never thought to pair before and having fun doing it. HA!

I have also found some great deals on items I have always wanted like a pretty white coat and a warm pea coat for our trip to the North East for Spring break.

Winter Fashion 2015So, I would love if you would join me on my fashion resolution. Just hop over to my Instagram account and click follow to see what I am doing. I would also love if you would comment and tag me in any fashion posts you do 🙂

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