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We took Precious for her vet appointment and shots just a few weeks ago and it went great. The Vet was very impressed with how well Precious has adjusted to our home over the last year and even mentioned that Precious’ coat and teeth looked great. I was super-proud to let her know that one of the things I learned about as a ‘newer’ dog-owner was the importance of doggie dental health. She was happy since some dog owners don’t realize how easy it is to take care of their dogs teeth and it can lead to a lifetime of pain for the dogs. It is crazy, over 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats show signs of dental disease by three years of age. Wow, right?


One of the easiest ways to take care of Precious’ dental health is with dog treats and chews, as they work great at keeping not only her teeth clean and healthy, but they also clean her gums. We love to  shop for Precious’ dog treats and chews at PetSmart®. Even the kids love to go in and roam the aisles and see what is new. At our neighborhood PetSmart, the doggie dental health aisle is the first aisle near the registers and there are tons of choices to choose from.

Dental Health made easy

The last trip we made we decided to go with the PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX®. I had remembered reading that these dental treats were clinically proven to help fight plaque and tartar build-up. Because we have big dogs, we chose the treats for large dogs.

DentaStix at PetSmart

The DENTASTIX bag says that we should give one per day so we started the day we brought them home. I opened the bags and immediately Precious was curious. I guess she smelled the yumminess of the treats, along with the added  green tea, zinc and vitamin c to help support immune system health.

Daily DentaStix

Of course Little Man was curious about the innovative “X” shape of the treat. According to PEDIGREE, this shape helps clean between the teeth and down to the gumline. Cool, huh?

Dental Health

Of course, Precious could care less about the shape, she just wants her daily treat and has no issues sitting patiently for it, though her tail never stops wagging.

DentaStix Daily Oral Care

I know that the treats are working while she chews them because her mouth waters and foams up a bit. Plus, her doggie kisses aren’t so bad, ha! All in all, we love how easy it is to take care of Precious’ dental health and she loves getting her daily DENTASTIX.

Dogs love DentaStix

So, next time you stop by your PetSmart, be sure to look for the best DENTASTIX for your dogs.




Learn more about DENTASTIX at PetSmart HERE!

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  1. We give our dog a dental chew a couple of times a day. We just adjust their food for the extra calories. Our vet said that a healthy mouth is one of the most important things we can do for our dog.

  2. We give our dog a dental chew every day. It’s really important to take care of their teeth!

  3. I can’t believe you were able to get a picture of those treats with your dog sitting in the background. If I tried that, all you’d see in my picture would be a blur of fur and treat pieces flying.

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