Keep children safe by giving them a way to stay in contact with you – ELPH Safety ID Bands

I am one of those over-protective Moms. I always have to see my kids at all times, whether we are at the mall, shopping, or even a play place I am always counting heads, 1-2-3. I have strict rules that when out shopping all hands have to be on the cart and when we walk in the street hands must be held. But there are times when this is not possible. You know, those times at a huge play place or amusement area where the kids run to play. The times I only count one or two, my heart immediately goes into overdrive while I search for my kid. We have gone over with them what they should do if they get lost. We have tried to teach them our names, address, and phone numbers but what if they forget? It is just so scary to me. I mean it is our jobs to keep children safe, right? Well, now I don’t worry quite as much because when we go to these places now, we have the children wear their ELPH Safety ID Bands.

Keep children safe with elph

What is an ELPH Safety ID Band? Well, it is a non-toxic, durable wristband that provides an easy way for us to keep our children safe. You see, each ELPH Band is equipped with a one of a kind QR code and ID number, along with easy-to-follow directions. If a child happens to wander off while wearing an ELPH wristband a Good Samaritan is able to call the number on the ELPH band or scan the QR code to get in touch with the guardian.

Keep kids safe with Safety ID bands

When we received our ELPH Bands for Little Miss and Little Man they were excited to check them out. They really like the design of the band  and also liked to know that they have a way to get in touch with us if they get lost. Meanwhile, I easily set up my account at I was able to add in information for each child and a contact number for both Hubby and I, as well as, a backup contact. When I scanned each of the bracelets, within seconds I received a text message giving me the location of the bracelet.

keep kids safe

Oh and the great thing is that the ELPH Band doesn’t give any personal information to the person scanning, only a way to contact the guardian. Plus, the purchase price of $19.99 includes the ELPH Band and one year service. You can choose between navy or pink, as well as, the appropriate size for your child.

Elph Safety Id Bands

So, if you are looking for a way to help keep children safe when out and about, why not buy an ELPH Safety ID Band at

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  1. I might start buying some of these for my friends’ kids. I had no idea these even existed.

  2. Krista Blackburn says:

    I love this! Do they make them for significant others, too? 😛

  3. You can never be too safe. I know a lot of people that these would be so handy for and so appreciated.

  4. I’ve got to get one of these for all my kids. These days, every little bit of security helps. It’s crazy out there!

  5. This is such a great product for anyone with young kids. What a great way to keep tabs on them.

  6. This is great! In today’s world, a way to keep tabs on the kids is so important. I’ve got to get one of these for my daughter.

  7. This is like the most glorious invention ever. I wish I would have had these when my kids were little

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