How to plan a date night in! #BestOfValentine

Valentine’s is one of those days that is expected to be great, right? Well, after ten years of marriage and three kids, I can tell you that the days of going to an extravagant dinner, followed by a night of dancing and drinks is out the window. First off, trying to get in a restaurant around Valentine’s is crazy… and second-off, handing the kids off is another story. HA! So, instead of trying to plan a date night out, we decided on a date night in. One night we put the kids down at exactly eight PM and spent some much needed time without phones, tablets, or my laptop. HA!

It all started with a date night in kit that I received with the move The Best of Me kit.

Date Night In

How to plan a Valentine’s Date Night In!

Step 1 – order pizza… As soon as the kids started their bed time routine we placed our order knowing it would arrive as soon as they hit the sheets. Date Night In Pizza

Step 2 – sit down for dinner – just the two of you. We sat down at the table with some nice fresh iced tea and had ourselves a candle-lit dinner. We got to talk and laugh and just enjoy our company.

Step 3 – turn off the lights, bring that candle into the room for some ambiance and grab a soft blanket!

Mood for date night in

Step 4 – Press play on the Blu-Ray and snuggle up to a great movie..

Cuddle up for date night in

These steps are super-simple to follow and I promise you, you will have a wonderful date night in!

When was the last time YOU had a date night in? Comment below:


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  1. Date nights in are the best date nights! I’d much rather kick back with my husband in my jammies than have to get all dressed up.

  2. The Best of Me is such a great movie. It is THE date night movie, in my opinion.

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