Adorable Easter baskets and goodies…. at Kohl’s? Who knew???

Can you believe that Easter is right around the corner? I am not sure why but this year it kind of crept up on me. I didn’t even know the actual date until I saw a sign while shopping for Easter goodies at Kohl’s! HA! Speaking of Kohl’s; have you been there lately? Well, if not you totally need to stop in to get some Spring shopping done and why not do your Easter shopping, as well? You see, not only did I find some adorable Easter dresses for the girls, I also found a pretty nice assortments of Easter baskets and goodies.

Easter baskets and goodies at Kohls

From pre-made baskets to wicker baskets and candies to plushes, Kohl’s had just what I needed at a great price.

great prices on Easter basket goodies

When I saw the beautiful pink Blossoms & Blooms Easter Willow Basket, I was super-excited to fill them with goodies for each of the girls. I chose a couple boxes of Lindt chocolates because they were too cute to pass up. The pink and green Blossoms & Blooms Ombre Easter Grass was so super cool, because unlike other Easter grass, these offered pretty gradient coloring that I had never seen before. I also couldn’t stop myself from getting a cute bunny plush for each of the girls. I mean, come on, who could? HA!

Easter Basket Goodies for kids

I also headed over to the check out area, where they offer sales and deals, where I found some ‘beauty’ gift packages for only  $3.99. Here I picked up two Mason Jar Gift Sets, as well as, a lip gloss set. Talk about great Easter baskets and goodies, right?

Easter basket shopping

I got home and couldn’t wait to show my Mother-in-law who was just as excited as I was. I couldn’t help myself, I got everything out right there (thank goodness, the kids were at Awana’s) and started setting up the baskets.

Easter basket

Easter baskets with Kohls

I put one together for Little Miss and one for Baby Miss and they both came out super-cute… I just can’t wait for Easter morning… ha

easter basket full of love

So, next time you are out and about, I would suggest stopping at your neighborhood Kohl’s and pick up some adorable Easter baskets and goodies.

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  1. I still have some last minute Easter goodies to get and it looks like I am heading to Kohls!

  2. I love shopping at Khols! I’ll have to stop by and see what all they have at my local one!

  3. I am completely unsurprised by this. Koh’s has pretty much everything, and they always have it at awesome prices.

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