How about a monthly subscription box for your kids???

So, every single day in February Little Man ran to the post box to check the mail. Knowing he normally was not so excited I had to ask him what was up. It was then that he reminded me that he was looking for his February Nerd Block Jr. If you follow my blog then you know that he has received two Nerd Block Jr. blocks and could not wait for another one.

Monthly Subscription Box

You see, Nerd Block Jr. is a monthly subscription box made just for boys and girls, ages six to eleven.Each month a new box filled with goodies, hand picked by the ‘nerds’ at Nerd Block. Finally, after waiting so patiently, he opened the mailbox to see his blue Nerd Block Jr. monthly subscription box and Little Miss’ pink one. He jumped for joy and ran home to get his sister to open them.

Click PLAY below to see our Nerd Block Jr. Monthly Subscription Box unboxing…

It is so much fun watching the excitement as both kids dig right in to see what they got. Some items they are, of course, more excited about and others, they don’t know anything about; which is cool because they get a little sneak peak of something new.

Nerd Block Jr Boxes

Little Man’s Nerd Block Jr. came with a special edition Imps and Monsters Coloring Book, a Transformers, aKirby plush, a couple of Hobbit figurines, as well as, two Nerd Block Exclusives.

Nerd Block Jr for boys


The Nerd Block Jr. for girls came with the same coloring book, Nerd Block Jr. exclusive twisty toys, and Kirby plush. But it also came with a Frozen Olaf figurine and an Alice in Wonderland notebook.

nerd block jr for girls


Both kids loved their February Nerd Block Jr’s. and can’t wait for their March block.

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Do you get a monthly subscription box or two? How about your kids? Comment below…


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  1. I think monthly subscription boxes are so much fun! You get to get new fun things every month!

  2. That’s the coolest box ever! I want this in the worst way! Forget the kids! Kirby is > than all!

  3. Is it weird that I want a Nerblock Jr. subscription for myself? Because I do…

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