Our Night at the Museum Marathon

So, last weekend was the last weekend of Spring break and since we had been going non-stop over the break I wanted to do something special for the kids. I decided it would be the perfect time to stay in for the day and have a Night at the Museum Marathon. We woke up and I had a set up of printables, coloring pages, snacks, and movies ready for the kids and they couldn’t have been more excited.

Night at the Museum Movie day

We started with the first Night at the Museum and the kids huddled up for some snuggle time.

Movie Day Schedule

In between movies we colors the coloring pages, played dress up, built a dinosaur, had some snacks and pizza. Of course the best part was laughing non-stop and even getting Hubby to come in to watch part of the Night at the Museum marathon with us.

Night at the Museum Movie Day play time


The kids loved staying in all day and thanks to the non-stop fun, by the time A Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb came on, they were in their PJ’s ready to relax.

Night at the Museum Snuggles


The great part was that just by getting Night at the Museum 3 on Blu-ray, we received a card with a code to download Night at the Museum 2 to watch on Digital HD (via Google Play, Flixster, Vudu). So it was like a FREE movie, which was perfect to add to our Night at the Museum collection.

So, if you are looking for something fun to do with the kids, why not hunker down for a Night at the Museum Marathon… and be sure to go out and grab your copy of Night at the Museum 3 on Blu-ray so that you can get your Night at the Museum 2 for free 🙂

Have you ever had a Night at the Museum Marathon?

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