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Why we love Bil-Jac dog food and treats

One of the things I have learned about being a dog owner is the importance of finding good dog food and treats. I try to find dog food that is for adult dogs and I often look at the first couple of ingredients. The same thing goes for dog treats. Since we use them as treats and training tools, we need them to be healthy, yet delicious. This is why I was happy to work with Bil-Jac and try out some of their dog food and treats. We received a … [Read more...]

Building stronger family bonds by setting some #AlamoDriveHappy family resolutions

*Disclaimer - this is a sponsored post on behalf of Alamo. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own since we abide by all FTC regulations.   If you follow me on Instagram then you know that we traveled over Spring break. This was more than just a basic family vacation, it was extra-special, as it was the first time we were taking the kids to my hometown, in Maryland. Before leaving I was encouraged to think … [Read more...]

My secret to cleaner floors #iRobotatBestBuy

I am a Mom, wife, blogger, maid, nurse, cook, and um, so much more; right? And I have time to do it all every day, right? UM... NO! Ha! When we had the discussion about my going from a working woman to a stay-at-home Mom we discussed house hold chores. Though I said I wouldn't mind them, I had no clue all that it would entail eight years later with three kids, a husband, the in-laws, and two dogs. Yes, we are a happy family and yes, I have had to … [Read more...]

Showing our DisneySide is easy… with a #DisneySide party

There is just something about Disney that draws us all in. Whether boy or girl, adult or child; Disney seems to hold the key to pure happiness. This is why I was super excited to work with Disney and host a #DisneySide Home Celebrations party at our home. I kept the whole thing a secret until our box arrived at our front door and then I sent Little Man out to collect it. When he read the big purple #DisneySide sticker he got … [Read more...]

How Organic India can help body, mind, and spirit…

Have you ever heard of ORGANIC INDIA? What about Moringa? Well, let me tell you... Moringa is considered one of the most complete, nutrient-dense plants on Earth, containing over 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, and abundant minerals. The Moringa leaves have actually been eaten for thousands of years as a superfood supplement and are even used to combat malnutrition in impoverished countries. ORGANIC INDIA offers an assortment of items from … [Read more...]

New Spring Styles at Kohl’s

Today it was 80 degrees here in San Antonio and it was gorgeous outside. Yes, I know, some parts of the country are still freezing but here, here I am ready for Spring thanks to Kohl's! Kohl's is one of those stores that I can totally get lost in. I mean, just the other day I went by and spent almost two hours there. Not because I couldn't find anything, but because I wanted to try every single thing on. Ha! And the best part was that I felt … [Read more...]

Southwest Turkey, Avocado, & Apple Sandwich recipe w/ Natural lunchmeats

#spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Hillshire. This could include Hillshire providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment. We are a huge deli-meat sandwich family. I mean, if you ask my girls what they want for lunch, nine times out of ten, they will ask for turkey, salami, or ham sandwich. The thing is that since trying to raise them in a healthy environment, I am always on the lookout for … [Read more...]

My secret to how I stay active during ‘that time’ of the month… #FitToPlay

*Disclosure - This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. This does not change the fact that all opinions are honest and mine alone. #FitToPlay #CollectiveBias Ever since I started on the road to a healthy lifestyle my life has changed drastically. I have learned that eating right and doing my best to stay active is not an option, it is a MUST. When I 'fall off' the wagon and skip the gym or indulge in too much … [Read more...]

Go GREEN this St. Patty’s with me and PACT Apparel #SaintPACTricksGreen

As I am sure you know, St. Patty's is right around the corner. Now, if you are anything like me, you have been planning your green clothing since you were all kids,  so as not to be pinched, but this year I dare you to try something new. Instead of showing a green color, why not show how 'green' you are! You know what I mean, I mean 'green' as in Earth-friendly, 'green'! I would love if you would stand by me and go GREEN for St. Patty's with PACT … [Read more...]

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