The Posh Play Snack Sack makes snack time stylish…

We love Spring and it is definitely in the air. Spring brings on new life and allows us to go outside and enjoy the moments with each other. Just the other day, it was in the upper 70’s so we headed out to have a picnic snack time. We packed our Snack Sack from Posh Play and headed out.

outside snack sack

I love our Snack Sack because it is a snack carry-all with a velcro closure to store treats of all shapes and sizes in a fashionable choice of chic solid colors and prints. We received the Snack Sack in Aztec and have gotten great use out of it.

velcro closures snack sack

This sleek and wipeable sack is made of functional and beautiful faux leather. It has a handle for easy-carrying and actually holds quite a bit.

Posh Play Snap SackThe kids love how easy it is to open and close and I love how easy it is to wipe down and out.

snack sack time

This Snack Sack is really ideal for the stylish snacking on-the-go moms, tweens and toddlers alike.  Oh and these high quality PU faux leather Snack Sacks are available in beauty faux snackskin, croc and a custom Aztec print by graphic artist, Matthew Langille. So next time you head out to run errands or just want to surprise the kids with a snack time picnic, why not take along the Posh Play Snack Sack.

Snack Sack for picnic

Learn more about the Snack Sack, as well as, Posh Play Play Mats, Bibs, Changing Mats, and more at!

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