5 Beauty Secrets to pass onto your daughters #BeautyStory

Beauty Secrets

Since my Mom wasn’t really in the picture, I kind of missed out on learning about beauty and products. Because of this, I had to learn what worked and what didn’t. Yes, it took trial and error, but I feel after thirty-something years, I finally have it down.

Here are 5 Beauty Secrets I hope to pass onto my daughters:

1. Always wash with lukewarm water, rinse with cool water- I used to wash my face in the shower with steamy water and noticed that my skin just felt really oily and gross after. After doing some research I learned that it is best to skip the steamy water and instead wash with warm water then rinse with cool refreshing water.

2. Always pat the face, don’t rub it – I am unsure of where I heard it, but I was told to pat the skin with lotions instead of rubbing it in. Not sure if it is proven to help or not, but I do it 🙂

3. Try a body scrub – refresh your body with a nice sugar scrub at least once a month.

4. Get sleep & drink water – I am serious on this one… sleep and water do so much for your skin and face.

5. Wash with Dove – I have used a Dove Beauty Bar for years and love how soft it leaves my skin without drying me out.

Are there any beauty secrets your family has passed down to you, through generations? Watch this sweet video to discover how the Dove Beauty Bar keeps this family beautiful, generation after generation.

Their beauty story is powerful, but just one of many. And guess what? During the month of May you can learn some beauty secrets and grab a free Dove sample! Just stop by your local Walgreens or Duane Reade for a month long beauty event!


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