Dawn of Summer Wine Spritzer Recipe #VogaMIXinStyle

When I think of Summer, I think of girls night with one of my best friends, Dawn. Whether heading out for manicures, cuddling up to a chick-flick, or treating ourselves to a girls night in, we were always sure to have a blast. Dawn is someone who has been there for me through the years and I love her dearly. So, when I was asked to come up with a fun wine recipe, Dawn and I put our heads together to come up with a fabulous recipe perfect for Summer! How does the Dawn of Summer Wine Spritzer sound to you?

Dawn of Summer Wine Spritzer

Well,  VOGA Italia Wines sent me an assortment of wines to work with and we had a blast!

Voga Wine

First off, I prepared some fruit & wine ice cubes! Yes, you heard me… no more watered down drinks… ha! All I did was add some blueberries and VOGA Italia Moscato to some fun ice trays and set them in our deep freezer for a couple of days!wine ice cubes

Once those were ready, we were ready to drink up!

Dawn of Summer Wine Spritzer Recipe:

Dawn of Summer Wine Spritzer IngredientsDirections – Combine the following:

One part VOGA Italia Moscato

One part Sprite

A couple splashes of Peach Schnapp’s

Fresh Fruit

Fruit and Wine Ice Cubes

This drink is so delicious… it is sweet and full of flavor…

Dawn of Summer Wine Spritzer Fresh

The fruit & wine ice cube help keep it all cold… without watering it down…

Dawn of Summer Wine Spritzer fruit

The VOGA Italia Moscato is a perfect base for this drink as it is fresh and full of flavor…

Dawn of Summer Wine Spritzer Voga

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