My secrets to healthy hair…

I have a confession to make. I have grey hair; I mean, A LOT of grey hair… But, you wouldn’t know it from looking at me because I color my hair, yet if you were to feel it, you wouldn’t guess, because it is so healthy and shiny. How do I do it? Hmm, well, I have a secret to healthy hair and I am willing to share with you.

secret to healthy hair

My secret to healthy hair is that I go at great lengths to take care of it. First off, I began using an assortment Mastey hair care products that were sent to me. healthy hair kit

Using gluten-free, anti-oxidant rich products that infused with natural moisturizing factor and rice amino acids, ensures that my hair is getting the best. Plus, their products are color-friendly and  sulfate-free, formulated with Argan Oil & Olive Oil  to protect my hair from styling heat and the environment — pretty much allowing my hair to be soft and shiny without any greasy feeling.

Here are my steps to healthy hair…

Step 1 – shower with cooler water. Because I have greasy hair, I shower with cooler water. Yes, I know; a steamy, hot my feels great, but I have found that my hair does better without it.

Step 2 – Shampoo – choose a shampoo that is color protecting. You want something made with natural ingredients. Mastey has added grape seed extract to their line of hair color and products, which helps color last longer stay more vibrant. I love the delicious scent of this shampoo. It is funny because as soon as I put some in my hand, I begin taking huge whiffs. I am sure if someone saw me, they would think I was totally weird. HA!

Healthy hair shampoo

Step 3 – Conditioner – Again, be sure to use a conditioner that is made for colored hair. I like choosing one that is 100% vegan with natural ingredients. Mastey uses plant-based moisturizers, which make my hair feel softer and more natural feeling. If you have oily hair, I recommend only conditioning the ends.

Healthy hair conditioner


Step 4 – If your hair is limp or flat, you may want to consider a Color Protecting Volumizing Foam. Not only does this help protect your color through the day, it’s light foam helps give lift and volume to your locks.


healthy hair volume

Step 5 – I always recommend skipping the hair dryer or straightener, but if you feel you need it, be sure to protect your hair from the heat. Mastey Color Protecting Leave-In Therapy not only works to repair dry and damaged hair, it also helps protect it from the heat of a blow dryer, curler, or flat iron.
 secret to healthy hair
All in all, it all comes down to choosing the right products for you and when it comes to healthy, beautiful hair, Mastey is the clear choice! Learn more by going to
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  1. I’ll have to try this out. My hair has been dull lately.

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