The importance of sun protective clothing… and where to find fashionable choices for the family #SkinSmart

Summer will be here before we know it and we are ready. Now, as you know, we live in Texas, where the sun is shining almost all the time and most Summer days pass 100 degrees. That being said, it is important to not only stay hydrated, but to protect our skin from those harmful UV rays. Just last Summer, Little Man came home from soccer camp bright red and by that evening had a temperature. Turns out though I had lathered him up with sunscreen in the morning and he had more in his camp bag, he didn’t re-lather. Because of this, he had a horrible case of sun poisoning, that could have been prevented. This year we Little Man and I vow to not let that happen again and to aid us, he was sent some fashionable sun protective clothing from Coolibar.

fashionable sun-protective clothing

Being as how t-shirts are not adequate protection against UV rays, it is important to wear moisture wicking clothing, with a high UPF rating, so as to not overheat. Thankfully, Coolibar offers a huge assortment of fashionable sun protective clothing for everyone in the family. Little Man was given the choice of choosing an outfit that he would like to wear to camp this Summer. He chose a boys long sleeve surf shirt, a pair of boys island swim trunks, as well as, a reversible bucket hat.

sun-protective clothing from Coolibar

When his new fashionable sun protective clothing arrived he couldn’t wait to put it on and the very fist weekend that it reached 90 degrees, he was ready. The soft, lightweight feeling of the long sleeved surf shirt is perfect for him. It is made of water-repelling aqua SUNTECT® fabric, has a stand-up collar for extra neck protection, and he loves the look of it. Meanwhile, the knee-length swim trunks offer a  comfortable elastic waistband, a quick-dry mesh brief liner, with a faux drawcord with reflective material. It is really cool, because it is made with Aqua Plus SUNTECT®, which make them water-repelling with 4-way stretch and quick dry performance, as well as, chlorine and saltwater resistant. Both items are rated UPF 50+ and are machine washable.

sun-protective clothing that is cool

The best part of the sun protective clothing offered at Coolibar is that it is all super-comfortable. Little Man feels right at home in his outfit and loves running, jumping, and will soon-be swimming in it.

running in sun-protective clothing

So, before heading to the beach or pool this Summer, I beg of you to not only lather everyone up with sunscreen, but also protect their skin with sun protective clothing from Coolibar.

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  1. So important. Especially with how hard it is to nail them down to make sure they are covered properly.

  2. Sun protective clothing is very important. Sunburn can ruin a good summer day!

  3. Your little man is so cute! I love his hat! He looks SO ready for the beach. =D

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