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I may be a Mom but I am in love with trendy clothing. I admit, sometimes I gawk at fashion magazines, dreaming and wishing. Earlier this year I made a resolution to get out of the shulmp of clothing I had been wearing and focus on being more fashionable. I got rid of all my sweats (except for the ones I wear around the house) and started piecing together items that I could wear everywhere. You know, the trendy clothing that stands out and makes me feel great.

This is where Walk Trendy can help. They are a online fashion retailer offering fun and trendy clothing. Most items considered ‘street-style’ perfect for  almost every occasion. With a over 200,000 product lines, they offer a world of style at the lowest online prices, which is why I was excited to check them out.

Now, I am a ‘bigger’ woman and was a bit worried about sizing, so as much as I wanted to try a fun dress out, I instead chose a tee-shirt in the a size XL. The website said that it was made of cotton and the photo made it look like it was soft and not clingy. I also liked the length on the photo… Plus, at only $17.99 this is totally affordable and something I would purchase.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

When my shirt arrived I opened the package and immediately put it on to find that it fit pretty well. The fabric was a bit more clingy than I expected and it was definitely shorter than I expected, but I still liked it. According to the website it should be 63 cm long and it was only 60 cm long. That doesn’t sound like much, but in clothing it does make a difference. To feel a bit more comfortable in it, I did do that hug stretch, where you put your hands inside the shirt and push, LOL…Once stretched out a bit, I paired it with jeans and liked my look.

walk trendy clothingAs it got warmer outside, I liked the option of pairing the shirt with a stylish pair of cotton shorts and my favorite sandals.

trendy clothing

In the end, I am pretty happy with this shirt. If I had my way, the sleeves and length would have been a bit longer, but, that may just be me. Would I shop from Walk Trendy again? Actually I would. I like the shirt and maybe would have gotten a size bigger, but now I know… 🙂 On a side note, the website does have a 7 day return policy, if needed.

street style shirtTo see all the trendy clothing Walk Trendy has to offer, go to

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  1. That shirt does look pretty awesome! And you wear it well girl! Be proud of it!

  2. that shirt is so versatile and you wear it well!

  3. That’s a really cute top! I love the design. I’m definitely snagging one of these. Thanks!

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