How to give your kids get some bath time pampering

We have so much going on in our lives and sometimes I have to remember to stop and give my kids time to just be kids. This is why almost every night I give them time to have some fun while getting some bath time pampering. The thing is that we have to be careful which items we use since Little Miss has eczema and Baby Miss has very sensitive skin. This is why we started allowing some bath time pampering with Sebamed that was designed for babies’ delicate skin. We received a package of Baby Sebamed Baby Lotion and Baby Bubble Bath to try out and so far we love it. Though my little ones are not babies, their skin is as sensitive as a babies, so why not, right?

safe bath time pampering for kidsNow, instead of telling them ‘NO’ when they ask for bubbles, I just add some SebaMed Baby Bubble Bath to the running water and watch their faces light up.

bath time pampering for kids

They love to play and splash and I love knowing that Sebamed uses stress reliving natural ingredients like lavender and chamomile to help them get in some pre-bed bath time pampering.

bath time pampering bubble

Oh, and when they get the bubbles on their face, I don’t freak out anymore… ha!

bath time pampering and fun

The best part is when they get out and dry off, they can then complete their bath time pampering with some Sebamed Baby Lotion to help their delicate skin, as it safeguards against dryness. Oh and it leaves no greasy residue.

After bath time pampering

All in all, even kids need some bath time pampering, so why not make it great with some bubble bath and lotion from Sebamed?

Do your kids like bath time pampering?


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  1. My son is 14, so he’s just about the smell good stuff. When he was little, all he wanted from bath time was for it to be over. LOL

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