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Why the GoPro HERO+ LCD is a must have for Father’s Day #GoProatBestBuy

What happened to those photos you took on your last excursion or vacation? Did they all come out clean and clear? If not, it means that you should look into a new camera; maybe even the new GoPro HERO+ LCD. As you know, Best Buy is the place to go for the latest cameras and camcorders, which is why you should stop there to check out the new GoPro HERO+LCD. Don't miss out on that shot of your little one swimming with the dolphins or playing … [Read more...]

Best Buy is your destination for the hottest tech savvy gifts for Father’s Day #SoloatBestBuy

Do you have a man in your life that is up on all the latest tech? One that likes adventures and being out and about? If so, what would you think about the tech savvy  gifts available at Best Buy... Well, have you heard of a Smart Drone? Yes, you heard me, a Smart Drone like the 3DRobotics Solo Drone that is JUST became available at Best Buy? Picture it now, the man in your life bragging to all of his friends that he received one of the … [Read more...]

Why I am doing Nutrisystem…

Well, Summer is upon us and though I have worked hard at staying healthy, not everything goes as planned. Due to stress and laziness at times, I have gained some weight and am no longer the weight I want to be. Those size tens from last Summer are too tight and between you and me, I am a bit depressed about it. So, I decided to get up and do something. This is why I have signed on to be a Nutrisystem Blogger, again. If you followed me in … [Read more...]

Where YOU will find a great Summer camp experience for your kids… #CreateTheNext

*Disclaimer - this is a sponsored post on behalf of This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own.  Are you looking for something for your kids to do this Summer? Are your kids already bored sitting around wishing they could go participate in some Summer camp adventures? Well, Digital Media Academy might be what you are looking for. It was founded at Stanford University and is ranked as one … [Read more...]

What do you think of our family swim style?

I love Summer time. It is a season filled with laughter and fun and tons of family-time. Now, some like to take Summer off, but not us! Hubby still works and the kids go right from school to soccer camp and swim team. This doesn't mean that we don't take time to play. It means that we MAKE time to play. Almost every evening before dinner you will find my kids in the backyard playing in the sprinklers or find us all at our neighborhood pool. There … [Read more...]

How to give your kids get some bath time pampering

We have so much going on in our lives and sometimes I have to remember to stop and give my kids time to just be kids. This is why almost every night I give them time to have some fun while getting some bath time pampering. The thing is that we have to be careful which items we use since Little Miss has eczema and Baby Miss has very sensitive skin. This is why we started allowing some bath time pampering with Sebamed that was designed for babies’ … [Read more...]

Find out why you should order a cookie bouquet for your next occasion…

My heart is so confused right now. It is filled with joy and excitement, yet there is still sadness and heartache. You see, last week I had to attend Baby Miss' Pre-K graduation. I know, I know... to some it may sound like no big deal, but to me; it is! You see, for the past four years I have had Baby Miss to myself. Her Pre-K was only a couple days a week and every other day she was mine... This time together was exceptional. We have played … [Read more...]

The ease of getting technology in the classroom #BestBuyEducationEntry

Education is super-important and keeping up with technology in the classrooms is a must for every single school. In today's society, children will struggle without knowing the basics of technology and will lose out on learning if the teachers don't have technology at their fingertips. This past year, I spent the day in Little Man's second grade classroom and watched as the teacher struggled with a worn out, very old projector. It killed me, … [Read more...]

Pampering skincare through life, pregnancy, and beyond…

If you are like me, your face tells a story. Whether you are getting up there in age, dealing with pregnancy hormones, or just exhausted from work, kids,  it all shows on your face.  You know what I mean, right? You look in the mirror and see breakouts that weren't there before and don't get me started on those bags under the eyes. HA! Thankfully, there is help out there. Belli Skincare offers a line of pampering skincare to help fight these … [Read more...]

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