Find inspiration to get out there, where you least expect it…

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need some inspiration to get up and get moving. I mean, there are times I wake up and I go to get dressed, just to come up with a dozen reasons why I can skip that morning walk or that afternoon workout. This is when I look for inspiration around me; you know… that one thing that you see that makes you say, “No, I will not skip TODAY! YES, I will get out there!

Find inspiration

Well, I am happy to say that I have found this inspiration in my socks. Yes, you heard me… my sock officially inspire me to do more. HA! You see, I wear Inspyr Socks… the socks with an inspirational message to inspire everyone around them.

For example; I like to take a two-to-three mile walk every day after my kids swim team practice. But, the thing is, that while sitting pool side my mind often wonders to other things that have to be done. You know, the grocery, a blog post, or even a TV show I want to catch up on. This is when I look down and see these red, white, and blue socks, that remind me that in order to be who I want to be… who I want my kids to see me being, I have to get up and get moving.

Inspiration at the pool

Not only do my Inspyr Socks inspire me, they also have inspirational messages for those around me. So, when I am taking my morning walk, the jogger behind me, looks at the backs of my legs and sees:

Work out inspiration

Who wouldn’t push it harder after seeing those Inspyr Socks? Ha! Oh and don’t get me started on those mornings I wake up, start getting dressed and just feel UGH! That is when my Inspyr Socks get me going…

Inspiration around youOh and for those who are wondering, these socks are ultra-comfortable and breathable. They are available in crew, ankle, tall socks, and even youth socks.

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Where do you find the inspiration you need to get up and get moving?

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  1. Those socks are so adorable! I’ve never seen any like this before. I love them!

  2. Those socks are the coolest! I’ve got to get some. I need all the inspiration I can get!

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