June Nerd Block Jr. Unboxing with Video…

June Nerd Block Jr. Unboxing

Guess what? We are so super-excited about our June Nerd Block Jr. Oh my… oh my… If you haven’t watched our June Nerd Block Jr. Unboxing video, I suggest that you do because my kids were so happy with what they received. I mean, I am talking full-sized fun and play for both of them.

The June Nerd Block Jr. for girls had the following:

Girls June Nerd Block Jr

Not only did the June Nerd Block Jr. for girls include a My Little Pony Pop Set, it also included The Littlest Pet Shop Backstage Beauties set… Of course, Little Miss went the most crazy over the Hello Kitty Magic Paint Posters, since not only is Hello Kitty her favorite, but she loves everything about art!

The June Nerd Block Jr. for boys included quite a stash, as well..

Boys June Nerd Block Jr

Batman tattoos, a talking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more, Little Man couldn’t be more excited. As soon as I was finished taking my photos for this review, he was opening that Scatter Brainz dart set. Ha!

Watch the June Nerd Block Jr. unboxing video below..

All in all, our June Nerd Block Jr. was a hit. Both kids loved everything and I was quite impressed with their stash.

Learn more about all the Nerd Block options by going to NerdBlock.com.

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  1. That is such a cool box! Everything in there is perfect for kids their age, and they all look super fun!

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