K’nex in motion sets allow kids to build sets that move…

Little Man has finally gotten into building things. HA! I know, I sound funny, but I loved, loved, loved building sets when I was a kid and couldn’t wait for Little Man and his sisters to have that same love. Their latest obsession is the K’nex in motion building sets. Not only do you get to build really cool things, but these cool things move and do things! HA!

We received a box from K’nex a bit ago and Little Man was super-excited to open it to see what was inside.

K'nex in motion


He found two K’nex in motion building sets. The K-FORCE Build and Blast:  Mini Cross Building Set Item# 47517 and the Beasts Alive: Tristego Building Set Item # 34484. 

K'nex in Motion set

The next time his cousins came over to play, we decided to get the Beasts Alive: Tristego Building Set Item and see how it works. It was great watching the kids work together to build something.

K'nex in Motion Set has kids working together

They took turns doing steps and reading directions and yes, there was some arguing, but other than that, it wen’t very smoothly.

K'nex in Motion Party

In the end, they had a walking K’nex Tri-Stego.  (CLICK HERE to see it walking in a video on my Instagram Page)

K'nex in motion Beasts Alive


Now, Little Man also received the Mini Cross Blaster that fires up to 75 feet. He decided to build that on his own and had no issues following directions. The set comes with everything, including K’NEX® rods and connectors, 1 blaster chamber, 1 quick fit grip, 1 preload ring and 5 foam darts.

K'nex in motion KForce Build and Blast

He had a blast building this set and really loves shooting it.

K'nex in motion   Mini Cross Building Set


All in all, Little Man loves these K’nex in motion sets. He loves that he can play with things that he actually built.

Learn more about these sets and more at Knex.com.

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Do you know any little ones who would love these K’nex in motion sets?


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