Sweet and Smokey BBQ Chicken Skewers Recipe

There is nothing like throwing a family BBQ. It is a time for us all to relax, catch up, and grub on some good food. Sometimes, burgers and dogs, get old, so I like to mix things up with some yummy Sweet & Smokey BBQ Chicken Skewers.

Smokey and Sweet BBQ Chicken Skewers Recipe

Sweet & Smokey BBQ Chicken Skewers Recipe


  • Boneless and skinless chicken breasts or thighs
  • Stubb’s Dry Chicken Rub
  • One can of  pineapple chunks or one fresh pineapple cut into chuncks
  • One red pepper
  • One green peppe
  • One red onion
  • Stubb’s Sticky Sweet BBQ Sauce

12-24 hours in advance – Rub the Stubb’s Dry Chicken Rub all over chicken and let marinate in the fridge.

Smokey and Sweet BBQ Chicken Skewers Marinate

The day of the BBQ – Prep –

If using wood skewers be sure to allow them to soak in water for about thirty minutes. Cut up all veggies, fruit, and chicken into nice sized chunks.

When the skewers are ready, stack them any way you would like.

Smokey and Sweet BBQ Chicken Skewers Stack

Grill – 

Grill the skewers over low to medium heat until almost cooked through, turning periodically.

smokey and sweet bbq chicken skewers on grill

Just before they are done, slather on the Stubb’s Sticky Sweet BBQ Sauce.

smokey and sweet BBQ Chicken Skewers BBW sauce

Once they are finished serve up and enjoy.

sweet and smokey bbq chicken skewers

The best part of these skewers is that the Stubb’s Chicken Dry Rub adds a nice smokey flavor to the chicken and then the Stubb’s Sticky Sweet BBQ Sauce adds a sweet taste to the whole skewer, making these fit their name; Sweet and Smokey BBQ Chicken Skewers.

Sweet and smokey BBQ chicken skewers finger lickin good

You can purchase Stubb’s at most super-markets or go to StubbsBBQ.com for more information.

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Have you ever had some Sweet and Smokey BBQ Chicken Skewers?

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  1. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    This looks so delicious. I will have to try this on the weekend. I am sure my family will love it.

  2. I know Stubb’s very well. My husband ALWAYS grills with that line. It’s tasty.

  3. I have not heard of these spices before (this company), from the looks of your family, these spices look like they are delicious! I will have to see where I can find them here.

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