When a nighttime sleep aid is needed…

Have you ever had one of those nights where you just couldn’t turn off your brain? When you just know that when you lay down in bed it will be a long night of watching the clock? Well, I have them and they suck… ha! This is when a nighttime sleep aid can help and the folks at Smiley360 were kind enough to send me an Emergen-Zzzz™ pack.

Nighttime sleep aid

The way this works is that when you have one of those nights when you know you need a good nights sleep or you know you may have issues falling asleep, you just add one (1) packet to water about 30 minutes before bed.

Emergenzzz Nighttime Sleep Aid

Emergen-Zzzz™ comes in two flavors Berry PM and Peach PM and I have to say they are both pretty good. To me, the Berry PM nighttime sleep aid drink is more flavorful, but that is just my opinion. Oh and I do suggest mixing it up with COLD water, as it tastes best that way 🙂 What I like is that Emergen-Zzzz™ is made with Melatonin, which  is a hormone made by the pineal gland in the brain that is linked to sleep and wake cycles. So, adding a bit of Melatonin helps your body fall asleep easily.

Nighttime sleep aid mix

Now, I am very sensitive to most things, so I could feel the nighttime sleep aid working and within thirty minutes or so, I was ready for sleep.  It was nice knowing that I always have something on hand if I need help falling asleep.

Learn more about this nighttime sleep aid by CLICKING HERE and be sure to grab the $1.00 off coupon 🙂


Have you ever used a nighttime sleep aid?

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