Back to school teacher’s gift ideas

Back to school teachers gift ideas

Back to school will be here before you know it and if you are anything like me, then you have already started thinking of some back to school teacher’s gift ideas. I know, some roll their eyes, but I can tell you that if you shop wisely and get gifts that teachers can use, they will love you forever.

Here are some great back to school teacher’s gift ideas…

Make a back-to-school teachers gift basket and fill it with items they can use… anything from school supplies  to hand sanitizers.

Back to school teachers gifts

Debbie Lynn, Inc. is a renowned stationary brand with a versatile line that includes long-lasting pens, colorful markers, trendy stationary, and sleek office supplies. The brand also carries arts and crafts supplies as well as novelties, so it can fit any need for any class.

Teachers gifts school supplies

Plus at prices between $1 & $3 you won’t break the budget when shopping for your kids and teachers… Find more information at or check your local 5 Below Store!

Another one of my back to school teacher’s gift ideas is a Teacher’s  School Year Emergency Kit – This is a fun one as you can put anything in it. I like to add some sticky notes from Debbie Lynn, Inc.. then add in some chocolates, Vitamine C, Starbucks, and anything else a teacher could use. Teachers School Year Survival Kit

How about this for one of the great back to school teacher’s gift ideas? A back to school, staying healthy gift – Think about it… those times when the teacher has a headache, feels a cold coming on, or just needs to stay healthy, you can make it easy on them. Put together some everyday items and emergency items that a teacher could use. 

back to school teachers gift baskets

Don’t forget the sanitizers. Teachers are around more germs than most and need to keep themselves healthy. GermBloc Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer is a safe and portable way to prevent the spread of germs for kids as they head back to school! The travel friendly carabiner bottles easily hang from backpacks and protects little hands for hours from germs and bacteria without harmful, adverse effects of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. I like giving my teachers small little bottles and handy clip bottles, so they always have some on hand. Learn more at

back to school teachers gifts sanitizers

Don’t forget that teachers sometimes need some inspiration. Since I know our teachers and actually go to church with one of them, I feel comfortable giving them the gift of scripture. Mary Square offers cute agendas and journals to help stay organized in style. Desk calendars and notepads are also available, ready to catch important dates and notes for school. They also offer these lovely inspirational decals, which make great gifts. Learn more at

teachers gifts bible verses

Whichever way you go, just remember that these are the people who will be spending every day with your child… so why not take some time to show them some appreciation 🙂

Do you have any other back to school teacher’s gift ideas?

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