Family fun with Hasbro toys #PlayLikeHasbro

Well, I am sad to say that Summer is coming to an end. I know, I know… some kids still have time, while others are back in school already. But, as I sit and think about our Summer I smile, knowing we had a great one; filled with tons of family fun, thanks to Hasbro toys. You see, we received an assortment of family fun activites and toys and boy did we love it all.

fun for family play like hasbro

The kids became obsessed with Twister Moves Skip It. The way that this activity works is that you put the hoop on one leg, and then swing the Skip-It while you hop over it. Now, it took a bit for the kids to get used to this, but within no time, they were having competitions on who could get the most Skit-Its.

Family fun Skip It


The best part is that it has a built-in counter that keeps track for you while you skip! The only thing about this that my kids would want changed is some padding on the hoop, as it tended to rub them a bit raw… (even when they wore socks and shoes, btw)

CLICK PLAY on the video below to see for yourself how the kids like it…

This Summer we also had a ton of family fun playing games, like The Game of Life. This is basically the same game that I grew up with, but for today’s kids. Offering jobs like Race Car Driver, Computer Programmer, etc.

family fun games

Another family fun activity we did often was Play-Doh! We just loved the Play-Doh Disguise Lab featuring Despicable Me Minions. This set allowed us to put grow hair on the Minions, as well as, make Play-Doh clothing for them. Talk about fun. family fun with Playdoh

My kids happened to like the fun hair the best. HA!

Playdoh family fun


Last, but far from least was our Nerf N-Strike Elite Crossbolt Blaster. Let me start by saying that keeping this away from Hubby and my brother was tough. HA! I had yet to take photos and they were worse than Little Man, begging me every single day to take photos so that they could ‘play!’ LOL… But, I finally took my photos and Little Man got his hands on the toy and he couldn’t be any happier.

fun for family nerf

With a click-in cartridge and an easy slide of the top, within no time, it is ready to aim and fire.

family fun with nerfAll in all, though I am sad for the Summer to end, I know that all of our family fun will continue through the fall with our Hasbro Toys!

Learn more about Hasbro toys and games by going to

Did any Hasbro toys help you with family fun this Summer?

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  1. Lots of fond memories playing The Game of Life! The minions Play-Doh is so adorable, I am sure my kids would love that!

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