5 Exercises kids can do with their dog & how to help with household odor reduction #KeepItFresh

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When we rescued Precious a couple of years ago it was with the thought that she would be Little Man’s dog. I am not sure why, but we had this vision in our minds of  a boy and his dog. Unfortunately, I think Little Man was a bit too young and Precious attached herself to Hubby and I. So, now that Little Man is bigger, we have started giving him Precious duty, so that they can be best friends. One of the things we tell him is that he has to do things with her, so together we came up with 5 easy exercises they can do together… and when they are all said and done, I have to tell you that I am so relieved that I have the Febreze™ Air Purifier to help with household odor reduction.

Household odor reduction when working out

Workout 1 – Doggy and me stretch – this is a great exercise to be sure your child doesn’t hurt himself during working out and helps keep him limber. Have your child stand up straight, with his dog sitting right in front of him. Have him reach for his toes, then as he comes up, have him pet and love on the dog. Do this 5-8 times, breathing deeply.

Doggy and me stretch and household odor reduction

Workout 2- Doggy & Me Squats – Have your child stand with legs hip-width apart, facing your sitting dog. The child then sits their bum back and down, like sitting in a chair. Be sure his back is straight though Little Man has some issues with that, and that his knees do not pass his toes. As he goes down, have him pet, pat, or love on the dog. This affection builds their relationship while the squat builds the child’s legs and glutes.

Doggy and me squats and household odor reductionWorkout 3 – Doggy & me situps – Have your child lay down on his back, with his feet on the floor and knees up, while the dog sits on his feet. As your child sits up, have him love on and pet the dog.

doggy and me sit ups and household odor reductionWorkout 4 – Doggy and me planks- Have your child lay down next to the dog on his knees and forearms, trying to keep his back straight and bum down. This takes time. Hold the plank for as long as possible, rest by petting the dog, which can help relax your child and dog, and then try agin.

Doggy and me planks and household odor reductions

Workout 5 – Doggy and me push ups – Little Man loves this one, ha! Have your child lay down with his dog lying perpendicularly in front of him. Have him put his hands flat on the floor right under his shoulders. Then push himself up and then right back down, enough to just barely touch the dog, then back up.

Doggy and me pushups and household odor reduction

In the end, not only will these help keep your child healthy, it will help build a solid relationship between your child and dog. Oh and since these exercises will surely help your child build up a sweat, I am sure you are anxiously awaiting to find out how the  Febreze Air Purifier helps with household odor reduction.

working out and household odor reduction

This HEPA-Type Air Purifier is so cool because not only does it help with household odor reduction, by bringing the dirty stale air in, then it lets out filtered air with a light Febreze scent.

household odor reduction is easy in and out

When the FebrezeAir Purifier arrives, it is almost ready to go. Just open the box, remove the plastic wrap and then follow the directions to insert the Febreze linen & sky™ scent cartridge. Now, the great thing is that the scent cartridge only fits one way, so there is no messing anything up. Oh and a side note here, that Febreze linen & sky™ scent cartridge smells soooooo good. I mean, as soon as I removed the wrapper, I could smell the fresh scent and it was so calming.

household odor reduction with febrezeOnce it is installed and the plastic is removed from the HEPA filter, turn the Cleaning Level Control Dial to where you want it and then set the scent dial.

Household Odor reduction FebrezeFolks, I have had this for just about a month now and it is great. My favorite thing is being able to set the scent level, so on days I work out or the dog is a bit stinky, I can turn it up, then on other days we can turn it down. Oh and I forgot to mention that the scent cartridge lasts up to 30 days, which is a nice because, after 30 days, I can change the scent to try the Spring Renewal Scent. Plus, it is ENERGY STAR® qualified and has an automatic filter and scent replacement reminders.

Household odor reduction is easy

All in all, I am so happy that Little Man loves being with Precious and what’s even better is coming in and relaxing in our living room.


Learn more and order your Febreze Air Purifier by going to Walmart.com.

What do you do to help with household odor reduction?

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  1. An air filter with Febreze sounds amazing. I have three dogs, so anytime I can reduce the stink, I’m excited!

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