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tips to mix and match clothing back to school shopping at Kohls

Wow, can you believe the Summer is just about over? I totally cannot. This Summer seemed to fly by and with the new year comes a whole bunch more expenses than I expected. Between the price for Club Soccer, year-long swim, cheerleading, braces, etc, our budget is very tight, so when I discussed back-to-school shopping with Kohl’s I decided that this year I am going to be smart and purchase mix and match clothing that can be worn different ways and can last through Winter.

mix and match clothing for back to school

The first step in making sure to stick with a budget is to purchase the correct sizes. Little Man has grown quite a bit so we were in the dressing room for a long while trying different sizes. I wanted the clothing to be a bit big, but not bulky. We also used this time to come up with some great mix and match clothing combos.

back to school shopping fun

For Baby Miss, she is a more visual person and to mix and match her clothing she liked to lay it all out on the floor. Ha! She literally sat there choosing one piece then another, before making a choice.

back to school shopping outfits

Once we were all said and done, we had purchased the following:

For Baby Miss:

  • 4 pairs of leggings
  • 2 dresses
  • 2 tops
  • 2 sweaters

For Little Man:

  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 4 tee shirts
  • 1 short sleeve plaid shirt
  • 2 long sleeve plaid shirts

Nice, right? We worked very hard to ensure that we could mix and match and layer, so that both kids can wear the outfits from now, through the Winter (Especially since we have mild Winters here in Texas.)
mix and match clothing for bts

Baby Miss chose dresses that can be worn by themselves, with leggings, and with shirts on top, making three pieces of mix and match clothing make four complete outfits.

from back to school shopping through winter mix and match clothing

Between you and me, this girl has a very fun style sense. She matches prints that I would never think of and they look amazing on her. She knows her personality and know what she likes and that makes shopping with her sometimes frustrating, but sometimes a breeze, especially at Kohl’s where she always seems to find things she likes.

mix and match clothing for the diva

Meanwhile, Little Man is such a joe cool, kid. Like the Robert Downey Jr. of elementary school. He dresses to impress and knows when he looks good. This is the kid who spends time doing his hair and actually uses products to make it sit right. HA! So, when I told him that we were going to find some mix and match clothing for back-to-school he was ready to go.

mix and match clothing BTS to winter

He likes the plaid-look but likes it in different ways. He can be seen wearing it on its own, over a tee, or like I did in the 90’s and have it around his waist. HA! He starts with the plaid shirt, then finds a great tee shirt or two to go with it. The trick is finding an assortment of tees to match it. from back to school through winter mix and match clothing

His outfits are filled with mix and match clothing that look great today and can be worn through the winter…

Just some mix and match clothing

In the end, I know that these mix and match clothing options are the best ideas to give my kids the options they need to stay stylish through the seasons. Learn more at

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Do your kids like mix and match clothing from Kohl’s?

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  1. Your kids are straight up adorable! I love all those outfits! I’m especially loving the Batman graphic tee with the plaid shirt. It’s very lumbergeek.

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