Need a zen moment? Check out the nügg single-use face masks

To some, Summer means a few months off… a few months of sitting at the pool, sipping margaritas, and relaxing. But, as a Mom, wife, and Blogger, Summer means non-stop going. Going here, there, and here again… working, writing, and being at everyone’s beck and call. So, when I am at my witts end and really need a break, I grab one of the nügg, single-use face masks that was sent to me.

A9FE044C-8D22-4045-A067-8FB074C2EF81 You see, nügg, is the authority of amazing natural face masks, made with a blend of natural oils and extracts, without the use of petrochemicals, paragons, sulfates and synthetic fragrances and colors.

Thick face maks

Each of these single-serving face masks come in a little ‘pod’ that you just pop open and apply to your face.

Nugg pods face masks

The smooth mask goes on the face easily to help sooth, exfoliate, hydrate and revitalize your skin to what it once was.

refresh your skin face masks

Nügg pods come in single servings for $3.29, you can also mix-and-match a four pack for $12.99. Learn more at

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What are your thoughts on face masks?

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