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If you are a blog follower, then you know that Hubby is into his sports. He loves to watch them and play them. He can be found one night a week playing in his soccer league or during the weekends at different pickup games. On top of that, he also spends 40+ hours a week working our family run home-improvement company which means he is constantly running power tools, lifting and pulling and basically working his butt off. So, when he comes home walking funny, I know it’s because he had a rough day.

Sports Recovery Solution sports

He has been an athlete his whole life, so he is used to being constantly sore, So, when I heard about the sports recovery solution, Play Again Now™ I was curious to see if it could help him. Play Again Now is a clinically-proven breakthrough dietary supplement comprised of oral liquid hyaluronic acid (HA) and MSM. HA is naturally-occurring throughout the body to hydrate, lubricate and protect muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and helps to cushion joints. Play Again Now can help replenish HA, which degrades with age, rigorous workouts, injury and surgery. Daily use of Play Again Now™ can give consumers an alternative to using OTC medications or prescription drugs for pain and discomfort that come with dangerous side effects when used over long periods of time.

Sports recovery solutionSo, to help Hubby get a good feel of this sports recovery solution, they sent him one bottle for his ‘loading phase’ and one bottle for upkeep. Because he weighs less than 250, it was recommended that he started his loading phase with 3 tablespoons a day for 14 days. After that, he was to begin taking 1-2 tablespoons daily, with an increased amount for increased activity or competition.

Play Again Now™ is the perfect recovery solution for the serious professional, the emerging young athlete or the weekend warrior:
  • Recommended by a number of orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, and many other health and fitness professionals.
  • Clinically-proven, published results in as little as 7 days. 
  • Manufactured in an FDA-approved, GMP-compliant pharmaceutical lab in the U.S.
  • Every lot is tested for label ingredient compliance, and for all known banned substance by Aegis Sports Testing Laboratory, Nashville, TN, and has been awarded the Aegis Shield of Certification.
  • It is caffeine and gluten free, and contains zero carbs or calories.

Sports Recovery Solution drinks

Hubby was actually pretty good at remembering to drink it every morning, though he wasn’t that impressed with the taste. He said that it was gelatinous, almost like a paste. The three tablespoons a day was a bit much for him, but once he got to the one tablespoon a day, it was much easier on him.

Oh and after one month and two bottles of the sports recovery solution, he said that he can feel a big difference in his daily life. He said he doesn’t have all the aches and pains he normally would after a game of soccer and even coming home after a long day hasn’t been so rough on him.

You can purchase the sports recovery solution, online at tryplayagainnow.com, GNC.com or many other retailers and medical clinics nationwide.

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*Disclaimer – This is a product-sponsored post. I am not a dietitian nor doctor. Please be sure to read all ingredients and check with your doctor if need be, before starting any kind of recovery solution. 

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  1. My husband has been trying other recovery drinks. I will tell him to try this one.

  2. This is so great! A good workout usually means I can’t move the next day. I can’t wait to give this stuff a try.

  3. I’ve got to show this to my sister. She’s always super sore after working out. Thanks!

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