Why every kid wants a Cosmic UFO in their room

Being a kid is sometimes tough, especially being the only boy in the house. Little Man, though he gets all the boy-attention, complains that he is the only one in the house who has to sleep alone. I mean, his grandma and granddad share a room, Hubby and I do, and even Little Miss and Baby Miss do. And though I am sure one day he will be grateful for having his own room; that day is not today. This is why I love giving him something special to help ease his fears and to help him sleep. Thankfully, Cloud b is always there to help and they sure didn’t let us down with the Cosmic UFO; as it was just what he needed.

Cosmic UFO


I have been a fan of Cloud b since Little Man was a baby. We received the Twilight Turtle as a baby shower gift and he used for years. Since then, I have been graced enough to have worked with them numerous times in the past, but, between you and me, I was sad, thinking my kids were outgrowing Cloud b…but truth is, I think that Cloud b is really helpful for children of all ages.

The day the box that Cloud b sent us Little Man didn’t think anything of, until he opened it to find this really cool looking Cosmic UFO. He immediately asked if he could have it and ran up to his room to check it out. Once out of the package he giggles with excitement and pressed every button. All I heard from his room for the next couple of minutes was, “Mom, look it lights up!” Or “Mom, look the lights change!” And finally “Mom, listen, it has sounds!” HA!!

Cosmic UFO Lights

I have to say that I was pretty impressed with this little Cosmic UFO, as it totally transforms the room into a planetarium. Not only does it have moving projections of the Northern Lights, but it also has three fun light sequences, as well as, a motion sensor that triggers UFO Flying sounds. Cosmic UFO in the dark

From that moment on, the girls were begging me to sleep in their brothers room, and I just smile, knowing that finally, Little Man has something that really helps ease his mind and makes bedtime fun and easy.

sleeping with the soothing Cosmic UFO

Learn more about the Cosmic UFO and other fabulous Cloud b sight, sound, touch, and multi-sensory items, go to Cloudb.com.

Do you know a little one who would enjoy the Cosmic UFO from Cloud b?


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  1. That is so cool! I wish I’d had one of these when I was a kid. That’s totally awesome.

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