A girl and her nature-inspired Umi Mary Janes

There is just something about girls and Mary Janes. I mean, I remember getting my first pair of Mary Janes and it being a huge deal. Nowadays, Mary Janes are more common and have changed a bit, but I believe the sentiment is still there; especially with the Veda II Nature-Inspired Mary Janes from Umi. These pretty shoes take the plain-janes and adds a beautiful flare to them.

nature-inspired Mary Janes

When Little Miss began searching the Umi Children’s Shoes website for a great pair of shoes for our Fall review, it took her all of five seconds to choose the Veda II’s. I think it is the embroidered flowers that caught her eye, which I agree are quite lovely.

the beauty of Umi Mary Janes

She has been known to wear these with jeans, leggings, and dresses, pretty much everywhere.

Mary Janes

The delicate design of these shoes makes them a favorite in our house, where even Baby Miss has already claimed them as hers, as soon as Little Miss grows out of them.

a girl and her mary janes

These comfortable shoes have an adjustable hook and loop strap, a 100% leather lining and footbed for breathability, and a padded upper back section of the shoe.

Nature-Inspired Umi Mary Janes

All in all, these nature-inspired Mary Janes make the perfect addition to every girl’s shoe closet and are available at UmiShoes.com.

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Do you have a little girl who would love these nature-inspired Umi Mary Janes?

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  1. She is such a doll! I don’t know what it is about Mary Janes, but they are always cute no matter what. I love it!

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