How adult Halloween costumes can make Halloween FUN!!!

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Halloween has always been a fun holiday for Hubby and I. We threw a huge Halloween bash the year we started dating and have been pretty much doing the same ever since. Every Halloween we go above and beyond to create a haunted walk through for those who dare to walk it, while making it fun for little ones. At the same time, we also attend a couple of adult Halloween parties where we, ourselves can dress up and have fun. Adult Halloween costumes are fun and can range from scary to sexy. 

This year, I decided to go with a fairytale theme and followed in Baby Miss’ footsteps to be a Princess. I was happy to find an abundance of popular adult Halloween costumes at Wholesale Halloween Costumes and one in particular caught my eye. You see, I have always had a fascination with Snow White, as it was the first Princess movie I remember seeing, which is funny because my girls have never seen it, yet they love her. HA! Now, they did offer a long skirt, but here in Texas it is still in the 80’s and 90’s during Halloween, so I like to have something a bit shorter. I chose the Princess Snow White Disney Adult Costume and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. 

Adult Halloween costumes

This Snow White costume comes with a short-sleeved dress and headpiece. The dress is soft, and unlike other adult Halloween costumes I have tried, is not itchy at all. It offers a sweetheart neckline with gold and red tipped piping that actually stays in place pretty well. The bodice was a bit tight, as I am pretty well-endowed, but it stretched easily and was comfortable. Oh and it sits right above my knees, making me feel more comfortable about wearing it around the kiddos!  Between the puffed sleeves and the Snow White red, blue, and yellow coloring, I truly felt like a Princess.
Adult Halloween Costumes Inner Princess

The Snow White Costume also comes with a red headband with a huge bow on it. Though it is cute, it was a bit too big for me, so I replaced it with a plain red headband… 

adult- Halloween costumes for women

Oh, and as much as I love this fun costume, I wish the zipper was different. Instead of being on the side, where it is easy to zip, this one is on the back of the dress…

Adult Halloween Costumes ZIp

and for some reason it is made not to zip to the top of the dress, and it won’t lay flat. All of this, makes it hard to zip without help or without zipping before putting it on.

Adult Halloween Costumes Snow White

But in the end, the costume was fun, flirty, and really comfortable… oh and at only $40.80 at Wholesale Halloween Costumes, it is very affordable. Be sure to check them out.

adult halloween costumes inner princess

Do you like to have fun with adult Halloween costumes?

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  1. Costumes don’t have to just be for kids! You look great in this Snow White costume!

  2. You look adorable! I want to be a princess this year, too! Or maybe Maleficent Yeah. Maleficent.

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