How I honestly feel about myself, my weight, & my Nutrisystem update

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How I feel on Nutrisystem… opening up about how I feel about myself is never easy. I mean, we all have these insecurities and I have gotten to the point where I may as well just share mine 🙂

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought “blah?” Well, I have been there. When I signed on to be a Nutrisystem Blogger I was again at a point where I was unhappy with how I felt. Notice I said FELT, not LOOKED. I sometimes feel that in today’s society we all have this outlandish view on how we should look. Many say it is because we see magazines and movies filled with actors and actresses that are a size two, but sometimes I think it is our own insecurities of not being healthy. Taking a moment to reflect on myself, I have realized that how I look to myself, totally depends on how I feel. So when I feel great, meaning, I know I am eating right, exercising, and have energy, I see myself as looking great and vise-Versa.

Okay, let me give an example… a few months ago Little Man and I were walking to the mailbox. He started running and shouted that he would beat me. Being the competitive person I am, I took to what I thought was a sprint and just about keeled over in exhaustion. My whole body hurt, my lungs hurt, I was just out of shape. Because of that, when I looked in the mirror that is what I saw… someone out of shape… which in turn made me see myself as fat.

I remember reading in one of the Nutrisystem pamphlets a long time ago, something that has stuck with me; something that I have now taken on and said to others… it all starts with a walk… Yup, just walking a small distance, like to the mailbox, can make an impact on our health.

how i feel on nutrisystem

So, all of this now takes me to where I am today and how I feel on Nutrisystem.  When I started all of this, I began with walking every day. I was heck-bent on making my 10,000 steps a day  and most days I did  it. Now, to continue my weight-loss, I have stepped it up and have started jogging. Let me stop and say that I have always been one to hate jogging, but I know I need to do something.  At the beginning of jogging, my body couldn’t take long distances yet, so I started with intervals of walking and jogging to get my heart rate up.

How it feels to lose weight Nutrisystem

I started jogging about three weeks ago and have to tell you that I feel great. Each day I push myself to jog longer and further and my recovery has been cut in half… meaning, it takes me less time to catch my breath. I love the feeling of setting simple goals like running a fenceline or getting to a stop sign and making that goal. I have actually laughed at myself, as my goals lately haven’t been in pounds, but in distances. HA! And doing that, I have slowly-but-surly been losing the pounds.

Nutrisystem update - how it feels

In the end, I am not going to say that this will work for everyone; but I will say that eating right and taking those first steps towards a healthy life, will get you to where you want to go.

How do you feel about yourself???

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  1. I think you’re doing an amazing job. Doubt and feelings of discomfort are totally natural.

  2. I think you’ve done an awesome job! You look great, and being a size 10?! Woohoo!

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