My must have tech for my dream she shed… #SheShed

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I am unsure if I told you all, but my little brother moved in about six months ago. It has really been great having him around, as we are closer than ever and it has been a blessing to watch his relationship with my kids grow. Now, that being said, it is one more person in our busy house, and though I love it, there are times I wish I could take some time for me… JUST me… This is when I would love to have a she shed.

Have you heard of a she shed? Well, it is a woman’s version of a man cave but instead of being filled with manly things, it is pretty much a vacation from life, filled with relaxation and rejuvenation. It is a place a woman can escape to, without having to get in the car. HA!

She Shed

The great thing about she sheds is that you can design them any way you would like to, adding your own personal touches. And, even though it probably won’t have the gear a man cave would have, it doesn’t mean it can’t be filled with the latest and greatest tech from Best Buy.

For example… Best Buy has created a list of six she shed ideas for using technology to create the ultimate relaxation retreat and the one that really caught my eye was the option to grant access to the she shed without a key.

She shed phone access

This is so super-cool because it gives us the option to keep the she shed safe from intruders, all the while, not having to worry about having to keep a set of keys. All it takes is an August smart lock, which installs easily, then you can lock and unlock the she shed from the phone.

She Shed GIF 5 Large

I don’t know about you, but I totally think it is a genius idea… don’t you? Oh, and you should see the other suggestions that Best Buy has for making your she shed the best thing ever 🙂

Have you ever thought of putting together a she shed?

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  1. I totally need a She Shed. Heck, my husband has the ENTIRE garage.

  2. A She Shed sounds fantastic! Why should the boys have the all the fun?

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