Nerd Block Jr. for kids August Unboxing…

So, July was a sad month for us, as we missed out on our Nerd Block Jr. Not sure why, but due to a miscommunication, somewhere, we did not recieve that month’s Nerd Block Jr. for kids. Thankfully, we were able to fix the problem and receive our August block and the kids couldn’t be happier.

Nerd Block Jr. for kids time

From the moment we received our Nerd Block Jr. for kids, Little Man and Little Miss begged to do their unboxing video… so without further adiou… press play below to watch…

Little Miss loves, loves, loves the Drum Up Some Ideas Stationary set and actually carries the set with her, to jot ideas whenever she has them. Little Man loves the Kre-O Transformers.

Nerd Block Jr. for kids slap bracelet

Little Miss also learned how to use the ‘Slap Bracelet’ without slapping it… HA!

Nerd Block Jr. for kids unboxing

All in all, the August Nerd Block Jr. for kids seemed to have a great assortment of fun items for the kids and they can’t wait to receive Septembers Block.

Nerd Block Jr. for boys and girls runs $13.99 a month – so start your collection now by going to

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Would your little ones like the Nerd Block Jr. for kids…

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  1. Love these boxes. You never know what’s going to be in them.

  2. Those boxes are awesome. Your kids got some great swag.

  3. My nephew and his dad should get these! Nerd Block Jr. for my nephew and Nerd Block for his dad.

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