Important 2015 Crib Recall

Crib recall

Folks, you know that when I hear of an important recall I feel it is my responsibility to share with all of you 🙁 Well, this crib recall is one that I felt I had to share immediately! According to –

The crib recall includes DaVinci brand full-size cribs including the Reagan crib (model #M2801), the Emily crib, (model #M4791), the Jamie crib (model #M7301), and the Jenny Lind crib (model #M7391) manufactured from May 2012 through December 2012. The model number, serial number and manufacture date are printed on a label affixed to the bottom right hand side panel of the crib. Cribs included in the recall have serial numbers that begin with “N00,” followed by one of the following numbers.  The previous recall included the same model numbers, but had different serial numbers.

These were sold at Target and juvenile products stores nationwide and online at from May 2012 to December 2013 for between $150 and $250.. .

Here are the Model #’s to look for

Crib Recall numbers

For more information about this crib recall and others, please go to and share this with everyone you know!


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