Keeping happy dogs entertained…

Have you ever had a really bad day? One where just nothing seems to go your way and then you sit or lay down and feel a plop as your dog joins you, nudges up against you, and voila… your bad day seems to dissipate. I tell you, I have always been a cat person, until I got a dog, ha! Yes, cats are awesome; their purrs can help anyone calm down, but the look in a dogs eyes when she sees you, as their whole bum starts wagging from side to side, with such an abundance of love, is something that just can’t be explained. In return for that love they give us, it is our responsibility to make sure that we have happy dogs and the folks at Petmate have just what we need.

Happy dogs love beds

One way to do this is with toys… The Petmate Heggies, are super-cute plush toys that make grunting noises when squeezed.

happy dogs and fun toys

These adorable little plush toys are available in a variety of quirky soft and cuddly characters and do a great job at keeping happy dogs entertained.

happy dogs with cute toys

Happy dogs also love JW® Cuz® Toys which are hard rubber bouncy balls with a tough squeaker. They are available as Hip Cuz, Tough Cuz & Spiky Cuz available in assorted colors: red, blue, green and orange and range in price from $5.99 to $12.99.

Happy dogs toys

Precious loves not only chewing her toy, but throwing it in the air, chasing it, and catching it in her mouth.

Happy dogs need great toys

Oh and you can’t forget that happy dogs need comfy beds… From the moment that Precious saw her Aspen Shearling Bed, she hasn’t stopped sleeping in it. It is where she goes to relax and sleep. This comfy bed is super-plush and soft and is just the right size for my 69-pound dog…

Happy dogs soft beds

So, whether you have dogs who love great toys and beds or are thinking about adopting one, I would highly suggest checking out for all your happy dogs needs.

Do you have happy dogs? What makes them so happy?

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