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Choosing to have a dog means more than signing on to be a pet-owner, it is agreeing to do everything in your power to love, adore, and take care of her and to make her life easy. We understood and agreed to this when we chose to adopt Precious from the shelter and that is what we strive for every day. We do our part to keep her clean and happy and make sure to always look for quality ingredients when choosing her dog food. This is why we were thrilled to try Pinnacle® dog food.

Choose quality ingredients for dogs

You see, it is important to look for food filled with quality ingredients that can help your dogs skin, coat, endurance, and playfulness. If she gets the nutrition she needs, she could be an all-around healthy dog. Now, if you have heard of Pinnacle before, you know that it launched in 1998 offering natural and holistic dog foods, but did you know that as of May 2015, they changed all their dog food recipes to be grain free for easier digestion? Cool, right?

Dog food and quality ingredients

We introduced Precious to Pinnacle dog food about a month ago and she was eager to give the new food a chance.

dog food with quality ingredients

Since she has a bit of a sensitive belly and is a very picky eater, we added Pinnacle dog food to her diet very slowly.

Dogs know quality ingredients

We added a bit of the Pinnacle dog food to her regular dog food a bit at a time, slowly adding more and more Pinnacle each day. After a bit of time, we were able to remove her other food and put her on a 100% Pinnacle diet, which she seemed happy about.

Pinnacle advises that you do the following when changing to a Pinnacle diet:

  • For the first two days, feed your pet 20% Pinnacle® and 80% of the old brand.
  • For the next two days, feed your pet 50% Pinnacle® and 50% of your pet’s old brand.
  • On day 5, feed your pet 80% Pinnacle® and 20% of the old brand.
  • On day 6, you can feel confident in feeding your pet Pinnacle pet food for the rest of your dog’s life.

Feeding the dogs Quality ingredientsWe love knowing that we are feeding her quality ingredients  such as quinoa, sweet potato, pumpkin, sea kelp, and cottage cheese. Plus, we love knowing that Pinnacle uses natural and healthy recipes that include high-quality proteins to give Precious energy to stay active through the day.

How quality ingredients

She is also getting antioxidants to support her healthy immune system, fiber to encourage healthy digestion and small stools, as well as overall healthy joints and muscle tones. Oh and did I mention how healthy and shiny her coat is looking?

Quality ingredients dog food

All in all, after a month on Pinnacle dog food, it seems to me that she is won over. She gets excited when we pull the food out at feeding time and seems very energetic through the day.

Why I feed my dogs quality ingredients

To learn more about the quality ingredients found in Pinnacle dog food, go to PinnaclePet.com.

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quality ingredients

Do you look for quality ingredients in your dogs food?


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  1. I think high quality dog food is the first step in keeping our guys and girls healthy over the long run. I’ll have to look into pinnacle.

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