Why we love the Dyson Light Ball & you will too…

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With a house filled with eight I am sure you can guess how messy life can be. Add on two big dogs and it seems like our floors are always a mess. It takes more than your average vacuum to keep up with our hectic life, which is why we were super-excited to test out the new Dyson Light Ball, available at Walmart.

Dyson Light Ball

Now, when our new Dyson Light Ball arrived the whole house was super-excited to check it out. I mean, we had heard that it was made to weigh a bit less than other Dyson’s, but we were all curious if it would have the power needed to offer the best suction to remove dirt and microscopic dust.

So, we tore opened the box to find three main pieces, along with attachment pieces. My brother quickly got the Dyson Light Ball together (took maybe 10 minutes, max) and was ready to go.

Now, the first thing we noticed was that this Dyson offers two filters… one in the roller ball and the other in the bin, which work together to offer Dyson’s well-known¬†Radical Root Cyclone‚ĄĘ technology.¬†Filter on Dyson Light Ball

Designed to maximize power. A mesh shroud helps separate large debris, with inner cyclones generating powerful centrifugal forces.  Every angle of each airway is honed to ensure microscopic particles like pollen and mold are separated from the airflow.

2nd filter in Dyson Light Ball

Now, I know that Dyson tests their vacuums extensively, actually they are¬†subjected to 550 tests over 50,000 hours of testing, but we wanted to put it to our own test. We left the living room for about four days without vacuuming, which in our house is A LOT… then started our Dyson Light Ball up.¬†

Immediately it revved to life cleaning everything in its tracks.

Dyson Light Ball Vacuum

The lighter vacuum is easy to push around and the ball makes turning on a dime pretty easy. Also, the slim head fits perfectly in tight areas.

Dyson Light Ball multi floor

I love that there is no need for fiddly pedals, awkward dials, and cumbersome hose assemblies, since this Dyson Light Ball ¬†instead has a push button to switch from carpet to hardwood…

Dyson Light Ball goes multi-floor

Having the attachments clip onto and snap off of the Dyson is a time saver as they are right where I need them to clean steps and other areas. They attach easily to the instant-release high-reach wand that comes out of the Dyson and come off with no issues. But, to be honest, it was a bit of a hassle to get the high-reach wand back into the Dyson hub. Not sure why, but it takes me a bit to get it aligned properly¬†to go back into place… and though it’s not a big deal, it is a bit of a hassle.

Hose extension Dyson Light Ball

That being said, my favorite part of the Dyson, other than how much it cleans, how easy it is to use, and how light-weight i is the hygienic bin emptying, with just push the button we can remove the bin from the machine, then push the button to release the dirt directly into the waste basket. 

Dyson Light Ball Bagless

All in all, we love our new Dyson Light Ball and know you would too, especially since Dyson is known for great vacuums with a¬†2-year parts and labor warranty…

Watch this video below to see the Dyson for yourself…

This limited edition Dyson Light Ball is available at Walmart for $389! 

What is your favorite feature of the Dyson Light Ball?

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  1. We are actually in need of a new vacuum. We have always been a fan of Dyson.

  2. I’ve been swooning over the Dyson brand for years! I’d love to give this lightweight version a whirl!

  3. This vacuum is fantastic. We have one, and I love it. It’s especially nice that it’s so lightweight.

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