5 Tips to help kids conquer their bad dreams…

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If there is one thing that breaks my heart it is seeing my kids in tears… and being woken in the middle of the night by a child in tears from a bad dream is just a horrible feeling. This is why I feel it is important to give children the strength to ward off and conquer bad dreams… after nine years or so of parenthood, here are five tips I have come up with to help kids conquer their bad dreams.

help kids bad dreams

Tips to help kids conquer their bad dreams

  1. Talk to your child – Sometimes bad dreams are really dreams of problems they are facing in life, but made bigger. For instance, if a child is having issues with someone being mean to them at school, they may dream of that person being a monster. So, talk to them, ask them about their bad dreams and make sure they are not having a problem they are trying to fight in their dream.
  2. Read to them before bed – reading a soothing book before bed is a great way to relax your child and get them ready for bed. I like to stop a book in the middle or close to the end and tell my kids to dream up their own ending… even if they already know the ending to dream up a new one. Setting up a great dream can sometimes push the bad ones out. help kids with bad dreams
  3. Nightlight – be sure your child has a nightlight in their room. Sometimes a child can get scared trying to fall asleep which can cause frightening dreams. A nightlight can help a child not be so scared.
  4. Have a set bedtime – Now, there is some debate about this, but I have personally found that when I put my kids to bed at the same time every night, they go to sleep easier. When they go to bed late and are overtired, they tend to have issues falling asleep, which gets them anxious and can lead to bad dreams.
  5. Snuggle them up in a comfortable bed – A comfortable bed is a welcoming bed. Make sure your child has a nice pillow and super-soft blanket to sleep with. We love the aden + anais dream blanket that was sent to us to review!  Not only do my kids love, love, love the bold and beautiful print, but the blanket is made of four layers of luxurious rayon made from bamboo.warm and cozy dreamsI love aden+anais’ Dream Blankets because they are just the right size. At 47″ x 47″ they are perfect for babies, toddlers, and children. Plus, they are machine washable and actually get softer with every wash. Meanwhile, Little Miss believes that her Flower Child – Kaleidoscope Silky Soft Dream Blanket is called a dream blanket because it helps her have sweet dreams by preventing bad dreams from getting to her and between you and me, I won’t argue with her. HA! I am all for whatever it takes to give them the strength they need, right?  Oh and the aden + anais dream blankets come in an assortment of fun colors and prints for your choosing. Learn more at adenandanais.com.

In the end, it all comes down to helping your child feel warm and secure and by doing this, you can do what you can to help them conquer bad dreams.

What steps do you take to help your child conquer her bad dreams?

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  1. Great tips! We read to our children before bed each night, it’s become part of the bedtime routine. They also have two night lights that I think help keep them from being scared.

  2. I wish my Gram had had these tips when I was a little girl. I had terrible nightmares when I was little.

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