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skin care for dogs with dry itchy skin

About a month ago I noticed that our Precious didn’t seem like herself. You know when you are a dog-owner and are really connected to your dog you just sense when something is not right. So, I began keeping an eye on her. She was eating well, but didn’t seem to be as happy as normal. Then I noticed that she was constantly licking and scratching herself. I, of course, thought of fleas and checked her, but she didn’t seem to have any… so I called her vet and set an appointment to take her in. The vet checked her out and explained that Precious was just fine, but that we needed to look into skin care for dogs because Precious needed some pampering. I was at a loss, not knowing what she meant.

skincare for dogs dry skinSo, she explained that dogs, just like humans can feel uncomfortable in their own skin, especially when the weather changes. She then went on to tell me that Precious seemed to be struggling with dry skin and that her ears we a bit dirty, so she recommended that I look into skin care for dogs. After our appointment, we stopped into our neighborhood PetSmart to check out their exclusive selection of Bayer® ExpertCare™ products.

Skin care for dogs Bayer at PetSmart

I walked back to PetSmarts skin care for dogs aisle, located in the back by the vet and the first thing that caught my eye was the ExpertCare Spot-On Skin Moisturizer. This is not a shampoo, but rather a squirt-on solution that is formulated with essential fatty acids to help support skin hydration. This quick, convenient application can help maintain your cat’s/dog’s full, healthy coat and support coat shine. I also grabbed some ExpertCare Itch Relief Shampoo and ExpertCare Ear Cleansing Rinse.

skin care for dogs at PetSmart

That afternoon, the kids and I washed Precious with the ExpertCare Itch Relief Shampoo and a few days later we put the ExpertCare Spot-On Skin Moisturizer on her.

ExpertCare Skin care for dogsIt was simple to put on her, we just had her sit, then we separated the fur between her shoulders and squited a packet of the ExpertCare Spot-On Skin Moisturizer onto her skin. We then massaged it in. Folks, this moisturizer smelled so good, like it was minty fresh… yet not overpowering… We then continued applying one pipette every week for a month and I totally saw a difference in Precious. The itching seemed to come to a halt and her coat seemed to feel healthier.

skin care for dogs skin moisturizer

Oh and I forgot to mention, we also took care of those nasty ears. Ha! I had no idea how much yuckiness was in there, but with just a little squirt of the ExpertCare Ear Cleansing Rinse I was able to clean most of it with a q-tip. The Bayer ExpertCare Ear Care Rinse is a fresh-scented antiseptic cleaning rinse that works super-well. Using wax-dissolving and drying agents, as well, as soothing agents like aloe vera, the ExpertCare Ear Cleansing Rinse gently helps to break down the dirt and grime to be easily removed.

skin care for dogs clean ears

Precious seems to be a happier dog since we have been more in tuned with skin care for dogs and have been keeping her ears clean.  I know that each dog is unique and each needs a certain type of pet care for dogs, so I am pretty impressed at the line of Bayer ExpertCare products available at PetSmart and you will be too. Learn more about ExpertCare for dogs by CLICKING HERE or about Bayer ExpertCare for Cats by CLICKING HERE. Don’t forget to check out, as well 🙂

Skincare for dogs with dry skin

Are you looking for skin care for dogs with itchy skin?Bayer-ExpertCare1 (2)

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  1. All three of my dogs have itchy skin. I’ve never seen this sort of topical treatment for dry skin before. That’s pretty cool.

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