Holiday Gift Guide – Three super-fun Star Wars gifts for this holiday season

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I know we all have those guys on our lists that have already purchased their tickets to the upcoming Star Wars movie. They are the ones who can recite past movies word for word and have a wardrobe filled with Star Wars tees… Ha! This year, has an assortment of Star Wars gifts available.

Star Wars Gifts Calendars dot com

I know that Hubby will be excited to receive the Star Wars BBQ Tongs. These fun Star Wars BBQ Tongs will take your man’s BBQ’ing to a whole new side… to the dark side… ha! These fun tongs are shaped like the weapon we all know and love from the movie and have awesome Lightsaber sound effects.  – HEAR them for yourselves by checking out my Instagram post HERE! Be sure to double tap to hear the video.

Star Wars Gifts for the holidays also offers other Star Wars gifts like a Star Wars Chess Set…

Star Wars Gifts Star Wars Chess

Or a ceramic Star Wars Storm Trooper Mug.
Star wars gifts

So this holiday season… why not make a Star Wars fans dreams come true and get them the Star Wars gifts that they have been asking for…

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Need other gift ideas? Be sure to check out the rest of my gift guide…

gift guide

Do you have anyone who would love some Star Wars Gifts this holiday season?

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