Holiday Gift Guide – Spin Master Toys is your one-stop-shop

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Gifts for kids

Company – Spin Master Toys
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Spin Master Toys Holiday Season

I don’t know about your family, but mine loves Spin Master Toys. I mean, they are literally your one-stop-shop for all the kids on your shopping list. For example – I know you have a Jurassic World fanatic in your family, if not, you know one, ha! Well, Spin Master Toys has the Indominious Rex Collectible Robotic Edition that would be perfect under your tree. This mega-monster charges with an A/C plug and you know he is ready to go when his eyes turn green.

Charging the Indominous from Spin Master Toys

Once you are ready, just unplug and watch as it uses True Balance Technology to hunt, patrol and explore its surroundings.

Spin Master Toys Indominous Rolls

It first our Indominous was a bit crazy and hard to control because his tail is heavy, so he kept plopping backwards, but we learned that if we kept him going, he was all good. We loved that he has advanced IR nose sensors, meaning he can sense your hand and will respond to your movements. Or, if you would rather, you can use the customized Jurassic World remote control to program modes, record combo moves and guide its movements.

He has color changing eyes and actually sounds just like the Indominous from Jurassic World.

Spin Master Toys Indominious Jurassic World

If your little one is more into robots, then I would suggest checking out the Spin Master Toys Air Hogs Smash Bots. This set comes with two robot-looking Smash Bots, each with their own weapons and remote, as well as, a cardboard ‘ring’.

Spin Master Toys Air Hogs SmashBots

Just use the remote to move and spin your Smash Bot to your opponent and go at it.

Spin Master Toys SmashBots

You can even crank up the power with turbo mode (meaning he spins ultra-fast and his eyes go red) to deliver even harder hits and send your opponent flying! Sounds cool, right?

AirHogs SmashBots Spin Master Toys

Now, for the little magicians in your life, you may want to check out the Spin Master Toys Little Charmers. We recieved the Hazel Magic Doll and she is so adorable. She comes with Seven, her charmtastic kitty, along with her special wand and hairbrush, as well.

Spin Master Toys Hazel Doll

With a press of a button (on her hat) you can watch as Hazel’s Cape magically disappears off her shoulders. Plus your little one will just love Hazel’s unique phrases and sounds for endless hours of play.

Spin Master Toys Little Charmers

Last but not least, you can’t forget about the HUGE assortment of family and kids games from Spin Master Games 😉

Spin Master Toys and Games

In the end, Spin Master Toys is totally your go-to for everyone on your list!

Learn more by CLICKING HERE or finding Spin Master Toys and Games at your local retailers.

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What do you think about Spin Master Toys… do you have a favorite?

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  1. This is a great guide! I think the Smash Bots and the Hazel Doll will be big hits here.

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