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*Disclosure – this is a sponsored post on behalf of Kohl’s. This does not change the fact that our choices in family photo outfits are honest and our own. All photos were taken by J Lynn Photography in San Antonio, Texas
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I tend to go all out for our yearly family photos and thankfully Kohl’s offered to help this year with our family photo outfits. You see, I don’t know about you, but when I look at the thousands of photos I take a year I notice one thing, I am not in any of them. HA! It seems that unless it is a selfie, I am always behind the camera, taking the photo. This is why it is super-important to me that every year I schedule a photographer to take our family photos. I try to schedule it in November so that I can also use the photos in our holiday cards and most photographers offer some sort of holiday package that is more affordable than you think.

Family photo outfits from Kohl's

This year, I grabbed a great deal with a local photographer I have used for years and then I stopped into Kohl’s to find the family photo outfits.

head to kohl's for family photo outfits

Tips for family photo outfits:

Choose to match or not – start with the basics – If you want the kids all to match, exactly, start there…this is best for babies and toddlers, but the older the children get, the less they seem to like this idea. What I suggest is matching STYLES, not outfits. Matching styles can make it easier to find different sizes and it also adds color depth to your photos. I normally start with the girls, since I like their styles to match. I started in the girls section and I found two beautiful dresses for them. They were the same dress, but in accenting colors, which was perfect.

Solid colors for adults – Since the kids are the main aspect of the photos, I suggest taking one color from the kids and using that as a base for the adults. I took gray from the girls dresses and used it to find a beautiful button down for Hubby and sweater for myself.

Bring it all together – This is the one outfit that will bring everyone together… Little Man does this for us. For him, I chose a plaid shirt that had the colors from both girls and Hubby & I. So, his plaid had purples and gray colors to bring the outfits together.

Stack the clothing – Take some time to stack the clothing in the store to see how it goes together. If something seems off, change it 🙂

choosing family photo outfits at Kohls

Accent Pieces & Jewelry –  since the girls’ dresses were on sale, I was able to pick up some accent jewelry for myself 🙂 (This is just one of the many reasons I LOVE Kohl’s) Since I suggest going with solid colors for the adults, jewelry can add the needed bling for us Moms. Choose accent pieces of the same colors as the loudest outfits, to bring your style to match those. jewelry to match family photo outfits

Take time to dress on photo day – Take time to dress on photo day, making sure everyone is content with their outfits, shoes, and jewelry.

Family Photo Outfits Kohls

Sit back, relax, and be yourself – Once on location, be sure to relax and be yourself. Any stress will show through on the photos, so just let the photographer run the show and she will help bring your personalities out.

Allow the kids to play – Some of the best photos are action photos and this is where the dress choices come to life. The dresses for the girls were perfect because they were super-flowy and showed off each of the girls’ personalities.

outfits for family photos girls flowy

best outfits for family photos girls

Watch your kids shine – I loved how Little Man’s outfit brought everyone together perfectly and, of course, his smile shined through.

family photo outfits for boys

In the end, holiday photos don’t have to be super-stressful. Finding the best family photo outfits from Kohl’s can help you get off on the right foot.

family photo outfits for kids

So, do yourself a favor… schedule a photographer (or family friend) to set up some family photos and then head to Kohl’s to pick up all your family photo clothing needs.

Head to to see if you can choose some great pieces for your family photo this season.

Do you go to Kohl’s for your family photo outfits?

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  1. I love your boots. Our family has never been able to take color coordinated pictures. Your tips are very helpful!

  2. If anything can help make family photos better, it’s Kohl’s. They have great clothes at great prices.

  3. Thanks so much for these tips. Family photos are one of those things that are wonderful to look back on but a little crazy to get perfect in the moment.

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