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Grooming for dogs through the Winter

Winter is pretty much upon us and though we just assume that dogs can tend to themselves, in reality, we still have to stay on top of grooming for dogs year round. Here are three things not to forget throughout the winter months:

Skincare Did you know that ticks can still be active in the winter? Our vet actually told us that as long as it gets above 35° F, Precious is still susceptible to tick bites. This is why it is important to stay on top of your dogs skincare through the winter months. Be sure to use recommended flea and tick preventions and also check your dog frequently for any issues.
Grooming for dogs dry skin
At the same time, while checking her skin and coat, if you notice your dog is scratching a lot or has some dander, she may suffer from dry skin. I would suggest checking out Bayer ExpertCare Spot-On Skin Moisturizer, found at your neighborhood PetSmart, which is formulated with essential fatty acids to help support skin hydration. We love it because it absorbs quickly into Precious’ fur and helps maintain her coat through the months.

Paw-Care – A dogs paws are so very important, I mean, they use them to walk, right? HA!! That is why it is very crucial to keep an eye on them during the winter months. The ground gets harder, twigs die and break, and some can get stuck in our pets paws. Grooming for dogs paw careNot only that but sometimes a sharp twig can puncture a paw and lead to infection. This is why we check Precious’ paws periodically to be sure everything looks okay.

Ear-Care – The last thing to check frequently is our dogs ears. My sister once told me that dogs can have more ear problems than cats. Not sure if there is any truth in it, but from what I understand dogs with bigger ears and a lot of hair in and around the ear can get frequent infections. This is why I try to stay on top of cleaning our Precious’ ears.
grooming for dogs earcare
Bayer ExpertCare Dog Ear Cleansing Rinse, also found at PetSmart, is my go-to. It is made with wax-dissolving and drying agents, as well as, aloe vera. I like that it comes out of the squeeze bottle easily since Precious doesn’t like to sit still for too long and the fresh scent is also a plus.  Though it is definitely not Precious’ favorite thing, it is a must to help get rid of all the build-up in her ears.
Grooming for dogs Bayer Expert Care

All in all, we all must remember that grooming for dogs does not stop in the winter and Bayer ExpertCare products can help. Learn more at

What do you do to stay on top of grooming for dogs through the winter?

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