10 Things kids should know how to do before they turn 10!

Raising kids is not always easy… I mean we are responsible for making these kids the best they can be so that they grow up to be great adults. Well, after three kids I have come up with this short list of 10 things kids should know how to do before they turn 10! Be sure to let me know if you have anything to add ūüôā

Every Child Should Know

  1. Make their bed РI believe that teaching a child to make their bed is so much more than just making a bed. By having them make their bed every day,  it is teaching them to respect their things and take pride in something.
  2. Wash dishes by hand – I grew up in a house with no dishwasher and now that I have one I can say that I probably take it for granted. But, that being said, I can wash dishes like a pro and I believe it is one chore every child should know how to do.
  3. Plant and take care of a garden – Teaching a child to take responsibility for something is not always easy, but planting and taking care of a garden can help. It totally teaches cause and effect, if they water and take care of the garden it will grow… but if they don’t it will die.
  4. Vacuum – For many of us this may seem silly, but every child should know how to vacuum a room and steps.
  5. Write a story РTalk about building an imagination. Whether the child  writes a picture story or actually writes a story it is important for them to grow their imagination and learn about beginning, middle, and end. This is a great building block in life.
  6. Build a lego set – Little Man actually sucks at building lego sets and the hardest thing is to make him finish the set. Finishing a lego set is actually a milestone for kids and teaches so much more than just conceptual building, but to not give up on something that is hard.
  7. Be a part of a sports team –¬†Joining a sports team as a child is so much more than teaching your child a sport. It is about working with others, getting out there, and listening to a coach. Being a part of a team builds your child’s self-esteem and helps them learn to work with others.
  8. Buy a present for someone – buying a present for someone is more than just walking through an aisle and saying, yes, I think they would like this. It is about thinking about that person and planning out the best gift for him or her. This is something I love to do and think it is important for kids to know how to do, as well.
  9. Save money for something special –¬†Teaching kids to save their money is not always easy but is a great way to train them for adulthood. The trick here is not to force them to save their money, but instead, teach them to want to.
  10. ¬†Help others – When I hear teachers tell me that my kid helped another I can’t help by smile. Helping others is a trait many kids don’t know anymore and it is sad. I see kids walk through a door and not even think twice about holding it open for the older lady walking behind them and it makes me sad. Helping others around us is so important and is something I believe every child should learn.

things every child should know

Is there anything else you would add to my list of  10 things kids should know how to do before they turn 10?

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