The Tale of Two Risottos at Brio Tuscan Grille

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The other day, my brother and I had the opportunity to stop into Brio Tuscan Grille for lunch. You see, they have this new promotion called The Tale of Two Risottos and we couldn’t wait to try them out. We arrived at Brio Tuscan Grille at La Cantara Mall and was immediately greeted by the smiling hostess.

Brio Tuscan Grille tale of two risottos

We arrived at Brio Tuscan Grille at The Shops at La Cantera and we were immediately greeted by the smiling hostess who took us to our table. From the moment we walked in we could tell that this restaurant would soon be a family favorite. The ambiance was so beautiful and calming, yet, didn’t have that air of snootiness, HA! It was a place I could see bringing Hubby to for a date night or the whole family for a nice family dinner.  Brio Tuscan Grille Romantic LocationThe booth we sat at was very comfortable and our waiter was so friendly and knowledgeable about the restaurant and menu. He was able to answer all of our questions and had a quick and witty sense of humor.

Brio Tuscan Grille Bar Menu and Tale of Two Risottos

My brother asked about the Lobster Bisque and instead of just describing it to us, our waiter actually brought us a small tasting of it, as well as their soup of the day. Once he tried both he ordered the Lobster Bisque, as well as, the Tomato & Mozzarella Caprese. They arrived in no time and both looked lovely. The Tomato & Mozzarella Caprese offered tasty tomatoes, fresh Mozzarella, as well as, basil, and a balsamic glaze with a delicious lemon vinaigrette.

appetizers Brio Tuscan Grille

Since my brother and I both love food, we decided to order a couple of dishes to share. I ordered the Campanelle Carbonara which was grilled chicken, bacon, parm, and spinach in a creamy alfredo sauce.  The dish came out super-creamy and the grilled chicken was moist, tender, and grilled to perfection.

Brio Tuscan Grill Sea Scallops & Ratatouille Risotto

We couldn’t go to Brio Tuscan Grille without trying The Tale of Two Risottos… The Cold Water Lobster Tail With Shrimp Risotto came out and I couldn’t stop drooling. The Risotto was cooked perfectly with a nice sized, seasoned lobster tail, atop of it.

Brio Tuscan Grille Cold water lobster tail w shrimp risotto

Meanwhile, the Sea Scallops & Ratatouille Risotto truly had to be my favorite dish. The Sea Scallops were cooked perfectly (you know, scallops can be rubbery if not cooked properly) and the Ratatouille Risotto was so flavorful and delicious. The flavors meshed perfectly and every bite was just as flavorful as the last.

Brio Tuscan Grille Sea Scallops Risotto

You know, I have heard that Risotto can be a “no-no” even for celebrity chefs on TV, as it can be one of the most unforgiving of dishes, even though it seems quite simple to prepare. But I can tell you that the chefs at Brio Tuscan Grille know what they are doing because both dishes were superb.

Tale of two Risottos Brio Tuscan Grille

We ended our meal with a Chocolate Bread Pudding that was so decadent and mouthwatering, that I couldn’t stop eating it. Served with ice cream, this warm bread pudding was the perfect ending to a perfect meal.

Brio Tuscan Grille Bread Pudding

In the end, I am whole-heartedly won over by Brio Tuscan Grille and they get five stars in my book. The ambiance is beautiful, the food was to-die-for, and the best part was that our everything was served with a smile.

Service with a Smile Brio Tuscan Grille

So, the next time you visit The Shops at La Cantera in San Antonio, I would highly suggest that you stop in for some amazing food from Brio Tuscan Grille. Not sure if you will be visiting San Antonio? CLICK HERE to see if there is a Brio Tuscan Grille near you!

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  1. Oh my stars ! That looks amazing. I love risotto and your dishes looked to die for. I want some right now. YUM YUM YUM

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