New Disney FROZEN collection from HASBRO & tune in Sunday…. #PlayLikeHasbro

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Boy do I have big news for you… First of, as you know, my kids LOVE Disney’s FROZEN. I mean, I think we saw it in the theaters at least five times and have watched it many more times at home. I mean, it is one of those feel-good movies that proves that it is all about the love of sisters that saves the day, you know… 🙂  Anyways, we just found out that THIS SUNDAY, Valentine’s Day, Disney’s Frozen will make it’s TV debut on the Disney Channel at 7pm. Fun, right? Not only that;  but to help us celebrate, the folks at Hasbro sent us some of the toys from their new Disney FROZEN collection.

Disney Frozen from Hasbro

This new line of Disney FROZEN toys are so cool because they are totally updated with detailed costumes and packaging and everyone is more realistic than ever.

Hasbro Disney Toys

We love the DISNEY FROZEN Little Kingdom Friendship Collection Set because it has everyone from the movie. Both Anna and Elsa come dressed in their movie-inspired gowns with snap-in additions.

Frozen Toys from Hasbro

The girls also love the Arendelle Treat Shoppe set that they received that includes ELSA and a pretend snow-cone making station.

Disney Line of Frozen Toys Hasbro

The girls like putting both sets together and playing make-believe that Kristoff and Anna come to ask Elsa for some ice cream 🙂  Frozen Fun with Disney Hasbro Toys

Oh and I forgot to mention the new adorable Disney FROZEN Classic Fashion Dolls. Look at how adorable these dolls are. I mean, they look just like the sisters from the movie 🙂
Disney Frozen Toys from Hasbro

All in all, the girls can’t wait for Sunday night so that they can bring out their new Disney FROZEN Hasbro toys to play with while watching their favorite movie.

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Have you seen the new Disney FROZEN collection? Will you be tuning in on Sunday night?

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