10 Road Trip Must Haves when traveling with kids

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Road Trip Must HavesSpring Break is right around the corner and many of us will be taking a family road trip. I know that traveling with kids is not so easy, so I have come up with a  list of 10 Road Trip Must- Haves when traveling with kids…

 Binoculars – Why not make a road trip fun and allow your child the chance to see things FAR away!


Games – Stock up on road trip games, like this Travel Scavenger Hunt. Keep the kids busy and they won’t even notice the drive.
 Books – stock up on fun books to keep the kids engaged 🙂
 MESS-FREE Crafts – get the kids imagination going with mess free crafts

Kindle Fire Kids Edition – Need some quiet time, how about a tablet filled with kids games?

 iPod – I know, I never thought of purchasing an iPod for my kids, but I tell you; Little Man loves his. He has every single Kidz Bop album downloaded and loves to just sit back and listen to music.



Earphones – Don’t forget the earphones. Be sure to look for ones made for smaller heads with a limited volume control.

Travel Organizer – Stay organized with a car organizer!

 Origami Kits – Why not keep kids busy with beginner origami kits…

Snacks – You can’t take a road trip without snacks 🙂

Is there anything else you would add to a list of road trip must-haves?

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