20 Toys to Keep Your Kids Entertained Over Spring Break

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20 Toys to Keep Your Kids Entertained Over Spring Break

20 Toys to keep your kids entertained

Soon the kids will be home for a week or two on break, so here are 20 toys to keep your kids entertained over spring break. All of the toys are a lot of fun and are sure to keep the attention of your kids long enough for you to get some spring cleaning done. The toys on this list are appropriate for grade school aged kids and above.

#1 The Cube

Not like the cubes of our generations. The newly designed cube turns quicker for those who want to master it and then move on to speed challenges. They’re just as cool as when the original one came out so long ago.

#2 Solar Robot

Solar Robot 20 toysThe 14-in-1 robot can be transformed into 14 different robot modes. It’s solar powered so no need to purchase batteries. Also a great opportunity to teach your kids about renewable energy like solar power.

#3 Minecraft LEGO set

Minecraft is a huge trend right now, selling a massive amount of copies of the game worldwide there’s no wonder it’s so popular. The crafting box allows the kids to build whatever they can imagine. Just like the video game!

#4 Nerf Mega Thunder Bow Blaster

With a name like the Nerf Mega Thunder Bow Blaster, this toy means business. An awesome addition to any kid’s armory of Nerf weaponry.

#5 Crayola Cling Creator

Cling Creator 20 toysWith the Cling Creator your kids can make up to 20 customized clings. There are a few molds that come with the package, or they can try and free hand their design.

#6 Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples is the original word association game. It’s fun for the whole family and really gets everyone laughing. Everything you need to play is included.

#7 Swim Through Rings

If you have a pool, swim through rings are a great addition to have. Or if your family plans on a spring break vacation take these with you to play with at the hotel pool!

#8 RC Helicopter

This RC helicopter is great for beginners and easy to fly. The helicopter can be flown indoors or out. The blades are a durable plastic that can take a beating.

#9 Huge Beginner Kite


Huge Kite 20 toysThe 74-inch eagle kite is HUGE. The rods that hold its shape are sturdy, so even nose diving into the ground won’t cause it to collapse like other kites.

#10 Pogo Stick

Pogo sticks are fun to play with and hard to master. It provides hours of entertainment and exercise on the warm spring days.

#11 Lawn Darts

Unlike the lawn darts of yester-year the Jarts are made from a rubbery plastic so they’re safe for kids and safe for your lawn.

#12 Plasma Car

The Plasma Car is a fun alternative to bikes or scooters. Just sit down, steer, and you’re off! Loads of fun on sidewalks and to race the neighbor kids.

#13 Pitching Machine

Grab a bat, and this pitching machine and you’ve got a self-sufficient single person game of baseball. The ball pitches every 10 seconds, more than enough time to be ready for the next pitch.

#14 Walkie Talkies


walking Talkies 20 ToysWalkie talkies are fun to pretend-play secret agents with, or hide and seek. They can be used inside or out and prove tons of fun for the kids.

#15 Flag Football Set

A 10 person flag football set is all you need to get a neighborhood game going with all the kids. There are 46 pieces – enough for two full teams. The belts are adjustable to fit kids and adults.

#16 Laser Tag

Laser tag is so fun. This set includes two guns, enough for a duel setting. Each tagger has lights, sounds, and vibrations for hit confirmation.

#17 Giant Yard Bowling

Yard Bowling 20 toysWith inflatable pins and a giant inflatable bowling ball, yard bowling is perfect for the days during spring break when the weather is nice. If the weather isn’t cooperating they can also be used inside.

#18 Zoom Slider

Grab both handles, spread them apart and watch the zoom slider fly to the other end. It’s a fun and entertaining game to play inside and outside too.

#19 Whip N Skip

The whip n skip is as easy as jump rope. Put your foot through the hoop and spin it around and hop over it with the other foot. This one has a built-in counter and it lights up too!

#20 OgoDisk

OgoDisk is a seriously entertaining toy. They’re like mini trampolines that can be used to play tennis or volleyball and many more. They can be thrown like frisbees too. Check out the video on the product page for even more ideas.

Spring break is a well-needed break from school for the kids. But sometimes being home for a week or two at a time can get really boring, really quickly. With these 20 Toys to Keep Your Kids Entertained Over Spring Break, your kids definitely won’t be bored. There’s such a large selection here alone to keep them busy all year, not just during spring break.

Which of these 20 toys is your favorite? Are there any toys that you would add? Let us know!

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