5 Ways to SAVE for Summer Vacation

5 Ways to Save for Summer Vacation

Summer VacationIt’s that time of year, the sun is starting to shine more and the days are longer. With the change to warmer weather, you may be thinking about saving for a Summer vacation. Saving money can be a tedious process for most families who live paycheck to paycheck but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world, here are 5 ways to save for Summer vacation:

Give up The Extras in Life Today

With every household, there are places in life where you probably can learn to curb a little spending as a means to save for Summer vacation. Let’s say you give up two fun activities that your family enjoys regularly as a means to have more fun later during Summer vacation. Use the money you save from cutting costs on extras now towards your Summer vacation fund. For me, personally, this would be coffee and lunches. I tend to stop by Starbucks every time I go to Target and tend to pick up a quick lunch here and there. If I stop this, I could say $5-10 a day!

Save Weekly Cash, not Monthly Cash

It is much easier to save on a short-term basis rather than a long-term basis, determine your allotted budget to have a Summer vacation, calculate that down to a weekly amount of cash to save and put that cash aside in a savings account that you don’t touch, ever! Keeping cash tucked away in a separate savings account on a weekly basis will help you see the savings for Summer vacation accumulate quickly.

Create an Eat from Pantry Week

Once a week during every month from now until Summer vacation time rolls around start having one week every month where you only choose meals based on what you have on hand in your pantry. This alleviates part of your grocery shopping spending and, in turn, allows for that one week worth of grocery money to be put into your Summer vacation savings account.

Do Not Eat Out

Eating at a restaurant can be a huge cost and will damper your Summer vacation savings plan, make a conscious effort to rarely eat out at restaurants, if ever, during your Summer vacation savings time as a means to increase your total savings. Choosing to give up the luxury of eating out at a restaurant will ultimately lead to you having more cash flow to spend during Summer vacation!

Sell Items You No Longer Need

Start using online garage sale groups, like VarageSale or Craigslist to sell items that you no longer need, but the catch is to put that money earned into the Summer vacation savings account. Make this a fun experience for your whole family; children can even start to go through their own items in the playroom as a means to sell off some of their no longer needed items to put towards the family Summer vacation fund. This is a great way to teach children the concept of money and the importance of saving.

There are many small changes you can make in your regular day to day activities as a means to save money for Summer vacation. The hardest part about saving money for Summer vacation is sticking to the plan and ensuring that your whole family is on board with mission save money for Summer vacation!

What tips can you share to save for Summer vacation?

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